Valle Verde Rotary Club Notes- June 25, 2020
Today’s meeting included (at least) 37 Rotarians including Sojourners, Mo, Ernie, and Sharon and guests Bruce Munro and Judith Noyes.  Sharon shared an update on her husband who is being treated for fungal pneumonia.  She is eager to return home.
Jim Rusk will celebrate his birthday June 27 and through Facebook has invited Rotarians to donate to the Rotary Foundation as a way of celebrating with him.
J.P. reported the Jim Click raffle is beginning in July.  He is looking for a group of volunteers to join the sales team.  Each individual ticket is $25 and 5 tickets are $100.  If we sell $1,000 In tickets we qualify for a $10,000 drawing.  If all sales equal $1.5 million, there will be an additional $50,000 drawing for all qualifying groups.  All ticket sales for our club will go to benefit the St Andrews Clinic.
Charlotte’s Announcements:  Happy Hour following the Virtual Convention, District Governor installation, Hand Bags for Hope, Meet the Match deadline June 30, July 4 flag and banner projects.  See website for details.
Chuck Wunder reported on the fire department progress in fighting the Bighorn and bush fires in central Arizona.  Green Valley crew helping in Summerhaven area.  He expects it will take two more weeks to control the fire.  Crews are getting ahead of the bush fires.  
Next week’s program will be installation of officers for the new year.  Charlotte. Presented a photo thank you to each of the club members serving on the board this year.
Robert Medina:
Mary Fisher and Sandy Wahl introduced Robert.  After his family moved to Sahuarita in his freshman  year, he was advised to get involved.  Following this advice, he joined the first Valle Verde Interact Club and subsequently served as its President for two years.  He was a RYLA delegate one year and a RYLA junior counselor one year.  He was graduated from Sahuarita High School as its Valedictorian.  He received a Rotary Scholarship and recently was graduated from Johns Hopkins University with majors in Psychology and Cognitive Science.
Robert presented a program today highlighting his extra curricular and community activities and coursework while at Johns Hopkins.   You may be familiar with the term, Smartest Person in the Room.  Robert was definitely the Smartest Person in the ZOOM today.  He is such a fine young man who is using his talents to benefit the many people he has come in contact with, and there are many.
Working through the Bloomberg Children’s Center, the Wilmer Eye Institute, and the Harriet Lane Clinic, Robert had the opportunity to work in a variety of fields.  These included Glaucoma projects, clinical trials, shadowing physicians, preparing a paper on mental well being, working in communities of medically underserved populations, connecting people to physicians, mentoring in STEM fields, writing science exams for the state, and working as a TA in chemistry which had been an academic weakness at one time.  In addition Robert found time to be involved with other students in a variety of activities to broaden his interests in travel, learning about other cultures, and political activism.
For the next two years Robert will work as Head TA in Organic Chemistry at Johns Hopkins and doing research in year one and in year two working as an instructor at an Autism school and doing more research.  After that he is weighing options to either attend medical school in Arizona or Texas or study to become a clinical psychologist.
Robert was reminded that wherever he goes in life there will be a Rotary or Rotaract Club for him.  Rotary Opens Opportunities and Robert has shown he takes advantage of those opportunities.
Dean Tibbetts