REGISTER NOW: REGISTRATION FOR (South Center Rotary Youth Exchange)
Registration is now open for SCRYE Summer Virtual Conference on Saturday, July 18th. Plenary Session starts at 8:30 AM Central time. Registration closes on July 15th.
A few things to note when registering:
1. You must use the same email when you register that you plan to use the day of the conference.
2. Users joined into the Zoom meeting from the Zoom Mobile App or H.323/SIP devices can participate.
3. Users joining with Chromebook/Chrome OS Chromebooks or Chrome OS or Zoom Rooms are unable to join breakout rooms, but can remain in the main room.
4. If you haven't joined a Zoom meeting yet, use this link to test Zoom on your computer.
Link to SCRYE Summer Virtual Conference Registration
Contact Aimee Graves for the sessions being offered and further information:
- Mute after you introduce yourself on a Zoom meeting.
- Remember everyone can see you, be sure you are appropriately dressed and that your camera is focused on your face.
- You don't need to stand for the Pledge.  If you do decide to stand, adjust your camera.
- Don't move around during the meeting, it’s distracting to others. Keep your cell phone, and iPad stationary during the meeting. Prompt it up so it is face level. Moving around will cause unnecessary noise; be sure you are muted if you must move to another location.
- Remind others in your home that you are in a Zoom meeting.
- If connecting with Zoom outdoors, remember every noise such as the wind, dogs barking, cars passing by, will transmit through your microphone, mute until you are requested to speak.
- Wear a headset and microphone specially if there is noise in your house or outside that could be distracting to others.  Purchase a headset and microphone if you have some hearing difficulties.
Silence distractions such as your phone ringing, dogs, others in the house – very distractive to those presenting.
- Raise your hand or your "virtual" hand while in Zoom. Try not to talk out of turn.
- If your Zoom administrator allows it, log in to the meeting 10 minutes early, to be sure your equipment is working properly.
- If you need to leave the room, be sure to cover up your camera. Tape a small piece of paper over the camera if you have no other way to close your camera.
- If you are presenting and sharing your screen, have the application opened with the presentation. Consider practicing “sharing your screen” beforehand, if you have never used the shared feature before.  You can always ask your Zoom administrator for a “test” Zoom meeting, so that you could practice with another member of your club and be comfortable with how it works.
- If for some reason you are "knocked" out of Zoom, go back to the original invitation and log in again.
- Speak close to your microphone. If you are using an older microphone, you should purchase an updated external microphone. They are relatively inexpensive, easily attached to your computer and will produce higher sound quality.
- Glitches happen, just ignore and continue. (Glitch is a tech term...”sometimes things just go wrong”.)
After cautious evaluation of the COVID – 19 situations and increase of cases in Arizona, the decision was made by the District Conference Committee to postpone the event until spring. The location for the event will be the same; all rates and reservations will carry over to the new date. We are currently awaiting the first spring date that will work in the District Calendar. The safety of our Rotarians is always priority one.
Districts 5500 and 5495 formed a partnership to lead and coordinate Rotary Leadership Academy, an innovative online learning approach to Rotary leadership development first created in 2004.  It is the Academy’s mission to train identified and selected Rotarians for future district leadership roles while simultaneously understanding and being sensitive to the demands on Rotarians’ time and busy schedules.  Annually, Past District Governors, current Governors, current Assistant Governors and RLA graduates nominate candidates for the academy. These nominees, past Rotary club Presidents, Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) graduates and Rotarians interested in leadership roles beyond their clubs are provided training which prepares them for the “next step,” a district leadership role. This course is completely online and self-paced.
Contact Dean: Gene Medina for further information.
The word is out District 5500 will soon be having their own Podcast. Interested in being interviewed, or being part of the production; contact District Governor Diane
Do you love the world of Tech, or are you a professional videographer? Would you like to assist your Rotary District, and utilize your talents for an hour or two a month? Please contact District Governor Diane dvg@rotaryd5500.orgOur District has come a long way, but we still have so much more to achieve!
Have you set up your Rotary Account yet?  Open up your favorite browser or search engine, and locate, create a User-id and Password. My Rotary has so many resources that are available to members such as: Rotary Brand Center, Rotary Learning Center, Discussion Groups and the ability to give directly to Rotary online. Check it out!
Are you new to Rotary? Do you have a club mentor? Will your club consider registering you into the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)? Have you visited the Rotary Learning Center to help with your Rotary training? Are you aware of the District’s website link to additional Training?
MAKE M&Ms (Make Membership Matter)
We will be announcing a new virtual Membership opportunity for your club in August. (Date soon to be announced) Featured presenter Jason Browne will be examining “how to recruit new members during COVID.”  
Every club needs to GROW ROTARY.  Have you considered starting up a satellite club, or other “type” of Rotary club? This event will be very beneficial to your club Membership Chair(s) as well as all club members.
Do you have a Rotary Minute at every Club Zoom meeting?
Aug 01, 2020 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Via Zoom – No Cost
BACK ISSUES OF THE ROTARIAN 1911- 2011   Link on Google books
SUGGESTIONS FOR THE GLANCE – send suggestions to District PI Chair