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The Valle Verde Rotary Club
Compiled by Volney Morin, Jr. in 2012
A Brief History
During August of 1987, under the guidance of Governor Al Face of District 550 (now 5500), and the Green Valley Rotary Club, it was decided that the Green Valley area could support another Rotary Club.
Governor Al Face, Yuma, assigned Bob Fleury as the Governor’s Representative. The Charter of the Valle Verde Rotary Club was signed on the 9th of November, 1987 by Al Face, Governor of District 550, Charles C. Keller, President of Rotary International, and Philip Lindsey, General Secretary.
The Charter members of the Valle Verde Rotary Club were:
Patricia Fox President
Randy Aaronson President Elect
Leo Blum Secretary
Mary Sherman Treasurer
Richard Converse Sgt. At Arms
Joseph Carroll
Ray Lopez
George Kulesza
Edythe Taylor
Other members included:
Matthew Banker, John Blake, India Carson, Janet Cooledge, Ellwood Eddington, Ralph Fritts, Kenneth Fleshman, John Harper, Lisa Israel, 
Charles Lundstedt, Willard Page, Donald Tompkins and Frederick Vogel.
Club Presidents since Valle Verde Rotary Club charter are:
Patricia Fox Nov. 1987 -1989
Randy Aaronson 1989-1990
George Kulesza 1990-1991
Carolyn Fox 1991-1992
Kaye Wivell 1992-1993
Fran Quiroz 1993-1994
Tom Ward 1994-1995
John Harper 1995-1996
John Dealy 1996-1997
Liz King 1997-1998
Jim DiGiacomo 1998-1999
Bill Stevens 1999-2000
April Clement 2000-2001
Volney F. Morin Jr. 2001-2002
Reyes Pinon 2002-2003
Jan Van Buuren 2003-2004
Chuck Wunder 2004-2005
Jerry Mendelson 2005-2006
Mary Fisher 2006-2007
Cindy Garcia 2007-2008
Dick Roberts 2008-2009
Tom Cooke 2009-2010
Ray Cook 2010-2011
Joyce James 2011-2012
Gary Friedman 2012-2013
Ron Darrah 2013-2014
Larry Kempton 2014-2015
Jim Rusk 2015-2016
Veronica Boone 2016-2017
The Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation was awarded a 501(c) 3 tax status by the IRS in 2014. A private foundation had been formed in 2001. Named the Peter L. Eichman Fund in honor of the Rotarian that was the driving force behind the fund, it is now part of the Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation and contributes to the Club in support of its activities. The funds are professionally managed in conservative Bob Fleury, mentioned above as the Governor’s Representative was known for the “Fleury Finish” that ended our welcome song. Ask Kaye Wivell, Ray Lopez, Peter Eichman or Volney Morin to sing it for you; it is no longer used. Ray Lopez, one of our charter members is still known today for the “Lopez Slam”, a maneuver used following the raffle drawing when one’s number has not been called. Proper execution requires raising the buttocks off the chair while slamming the offending ticket on the table.
George Kulesza (now an honorary member) escaped from Poland in an airplane, and provided many interesting stories of his exploits during World War II working as an intermediary supplying tobacco and vodka between the Russian and German infantry. Patricia Fox was the first woman president in District 550 (now District 5500), and ladies have played a significant role in our club’s success.
During the Presidency of Bill Stevens a matching grant from RI was obtained in the amount of $25,000 which was used to remodel the Asilo Madre Conchita orphanage in Nogales Sonora. During the presidency of Jerry Mendelson our Rotary Club spearheaded a drive to raise $100,000 to build a new school house and provide modern computers at the orphanage. The new building was dedicated in August of 2006, during the presidency of Mary Fisher. Our club has supported an English Second Language program at this school and provides prescription needs for the girls.Volney Morin started our website, later managed by Ed Farver, and currently Bob Juettner. 
Our best moment is yet to come, and you may play a part in it.