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Valle Verde Rotary Club
Service Above Self
We meet Thursdays at 6:45 AM
United Methodist Church of Green Valley
300 W Esperanza Blvd.
Green Valley, AZ 85614
United States of America
(517) 238-6221
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Club Notes
Club Notes Apr 9 2020
Valle Verde donated $1,100 Sahuarita Food Bank and $1,100 to Community Food Bank
Tom Cooke is heading up the Memorial Park Bench project.  Dedication is delayed due to Covid-19.
Bill Grantham is handling the Peace Pole project.  Our pole is scheduled to arrive in August.
Moe Fry is in charge of the Fisher Park bench project in memory of Max Perry.
Mark Horton and Roxanna Rico will represent our club at the Rotary Grant Seminar.
Making homemade masks and painting rocks were encouraged.  Banner Hospital is seeking 100,000 homemade masks.
Chuck Wunder Covid-19 Report:
April 19 is the current projected date for the peak of new cases.  Covid-19 cases are greatly under reported underscoring the need for all of us to continue safety practices.  No fire department employees have reported being ill.  We should use telemedicine unless having difficulty breathing.  Cloth masks are appropriate.  His department is using cloth masks and reserving N95 masks for emergency calls.  He reported the Santa Cruz Hospital is receiving financial assistance from the government and anticipates being able to continue operations for the next 3 to 4 months and not close as some reports indicated.
Charlotte presented a video from Rotary International of four international projects illustrating how our donations to the Rotary Foundation are at work in the world.
 In Uganda there are 1.2 million people living with AIDS and 1.2 million orphans.  51% of the population has no access to healthcare.  A Rotary program there is providing needed assistance to 550 orphans.
In India the population is over 1 billion.  Hanna Warren, a former Rotary Ambassador Scholar, has begun a non profit,  Jhoole, in Maheshwar where over 4,000 women work as weavers and are unable to purchase even a single garment they make due to low wages.  The goal of Jhoole is to employ over 1,000 weavers and provide better wages and working conditions.  So far there are over 100 employed.
In New Orleans 126 schools were closed due to flooding during hurricane Katrina.  85% of the city was flooded.  Warren Easton High School, the oldest high school in New Orleans, was reopened with assistance from R.I. and 6,000 volunteer hours.  This project provided the momentum to reopen other schools.
Remote communities in Haiti, accessible only by walking or by bike, were in need of regular medical care for expectant mothers.   With assistance from the Rotary Foundation, Canadian midwife, Jenny Huntley, is able to serve these women monthly  with a mobile Jeep.

Member Birthday

Nicole Raymond                                                 
Mar 2                                                                    
Laury Scandling                                                   
Mar 12                                                                                          
Mayreen Fry                                                        
Mar 15                                                                 
Roxanna Rico                                                      
Mar 16                                                                
Carol Pfister                                                        
Mar 18                                                                
Ed Farver                                                            
Mar 29   
Sandy Wahl
Apr 3
Art Quinn
Apr 4
Mary Lou Grieves
Apr 7
Deb Wright
Apr 7
Esther Corrales
Apr 9
Nancy Green
Apr 20
Chuck Wunder
Apr 21
Marvin Clark
Apr 23                                                           
Marin and Gabby Gomez
Mar 10
Laury and Bruce Scandling
Mar 24
Dick and Diana Deaver  ( 51 years)
Mar 29
Jim and Kathie  (58 years)
Apr 28
Joined Rotary Date
Mary Fisher                     
Mar 4 2004                       
Bill Grantham                    
Mar 5 1994                       
Jack Grieves                     
Mar 5 1993                      
Nicole Raymond                
Mar 8  2012                    
Maureen Fry
Mar 24 2018
Steve Sibulsky
Apr 1 2009
Esther Corrales
Apr 23 2014
John Cousins
Apr 26 2018
Laury Scandling
Apr 28 2011
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District News #39


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April Edition, #39

Week of April 6, 2020


A-Always wash your hands……..B-Be Well and Be Safe……C-Connect with members in new ways…..D-Don’t forget, we’ll get through this together!


 ·     District 5500 Funds are now available to clubs for COVID-19 emergency relief projects! We have money that was originally budgeted for the RI Convention, now canceled, and we are asking clubs to submit their brief, one-paragraph description of your plan to PDG Kirk Reed, Amounts up to $500 from the District will be sent to help meet immediate needs in your community. Include a name and mailing address along with the amount of money needed. Requests must be received by April 30 and will be approved until funds are exhausted. Checks will be mailed immediately. Details are in the April Newsletter and on our District website. The response from our clubs so far has been astounding! Our clubs are making an immediate positive impact in their communities as we unite to fight the coronavirus battle and help those in need.


 ·      Cancellation of events due to the COVID 19 pandemic include: Rotarians At Work multi-clubs project at Triangle Y Ranch in Oracle; The District Four Way Test Speech Contest; The RI Convention.


 ·     Alert! The District Directory is currently being updated thanks to Jim Nook, our Editor. It’s more important than ever to get current emails of members to him due to the increased use of Zoom and other online meeting options for regular club, board and committee meetings.  Please send updates to Jim’s email: so he can make the necessary changes.


  ·    The District 5500 Grant Management Seminar (GMS) for 2020-2021 is live and ready to go NOW at  CLICK HERE for downloadable instructions. Instructions will also be given to all of the Assistant Governors. Two members from a club must take this course in order for the club to be eligible to participate in both District and Global Grants and receive funding from District 5500 during the 2020-2021 Rotary year. You can contact Grants Subcommittee Chair Shannan Marty or 520-906-0385 for more information. Information is also on our District website.


·     Our District is offering all of the clubs the ability to conduct their club, board and committee meetings with the very popular online meeting services of Zoom. Zoom is alive and working well for our District. Many more clubs are now using Zoom with our new upgrade to Zoom Pro and to maintain security, we are asking for passwords now. There are 10 Rotary Members who have been designated as Zoom Administrators, two for each area. When you ask your Zoom Administrator to set up a meeting, you will need the date, the time and the duration of the club/board/committee meeting. If the meeting is reoccurring each week, or twice monthly, be sure to mention this to your Zoom Administrator. Every meeting WILL use a password; it can be Zoom generated or the Zoom Administrator can generate one. Club Officers and/or Club Meeting Coordinators should NOT post the login information on their FB page or Website. They should send this information via email to those individuals that are invited to the meeting and let the host know who is being invited. Zoom is a powerful communications tool and easy to use!

Our DGE, Diane Ventura Goodyear, has been designated the District’s Virtual Meeting Coordinator, If you have any questions, need help setting up or are experiencing any problems, please contact her.


 ·      Wendy Hobbs of Rincon Rotary is currently serving as the Interim District Treasurer and her email is: We are looking for a District Treasurer who is adept at using QuickBooks software, has experience in general accounting principles, enjoys accounting work and is willing to be responsible for all aspects of cash handling and collection, accounting, financial and tax reporting. A minimum of 2 hours/week would be the time commitment for this position. Please contact Wendy if you would like to serve at the District level. Ideally, this term of office would be 2 years. 


 ·     Let’s welcome all new members who have recently joined Rotary clubs in our District.  WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Naomi Galindo from the Satellite club of Oro Valley. 

To the Membership Chairs and/or Club Presidents-please continue sending in the names of new members who have joined your club as of March 1 and through the month of April.  We wish to recognize all new members on a weekly basis that have joined the family of Rotary here in District 5500. Please send the names to me,


 ·      We are adding a column in our District Newsletter, Celebration of Life, for those Rotarians who have recently passed during the previous month and would like Club Presidents to submit names of those in their club who have passed.   We wish to recognize and celebrate those Rotary Club members who are no longer with us.  Please send notices to: you.


 ·      Club Highlights from around the District:

·      Did you know that Oro Valley Rotary transports food from Trader Joe’s to Impact of So. AZ on a weekly basis? In conjunction with food delivery, they will use their emergency relief fund from the District to keep the shelves of Impact of So. AZ filled with nutritious food during these critical times. 

·      Did you know that San Luis Frontera Rotary will use their emergency relief fund from the District to purchase and distribute protective face masks, latex gloves, and disposable surgical robes to their local hospital, local medical center and clinics? Their work will help alleviate the shortage of these essential medical supplies. 



As Paul Harris so aptly said: “This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it. The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again.”


We were asked by Diane Ventura-Goodyear to supply some photos and videos of work our club has done during this pandemic. Submissions from John Cousins and Roxana Rico were sent in. Thank you both!
8 clubs submitted photos and videos.  These were sent to Rotary International for the COVID-19 #RotaryResponse one-hour Telethon to raise critical funds for disaster relief. Diane does not know how these will be used.  We will have to wait and see!


World Immunization Week
Fisher House
Please remember to bring in non-perishable food
and paper products for Fisher House.
Bulletin Editor
Nancy Green