Club Notes October 1, 2020
The Invocation led by Judith Noyes reminded us how we can serve through Our Rotary. Club Values were led by Mary Fisher.
JP and Sandy introduced a new member Judith Noyes and inducted her into the Valle Verde Rotary club. Judith and her husband Fred are originally from out east and now live in Tubac. She is transferring from the Rio Rico club. She is excited to join our club.
President Char led announcements:
Gary Friedman and Dick Deaver are celebrating birthdays on Oct 4&5.
Rotary Club of Tucson is selling raffle tickets for $5. Prizes include a Corvette or $15,000 among others. Char has tickets and our club receives half of the proceeds that we sell.
Foundation club calendars are available at the meetings or by contacting Ron Darrah.
Alzheimer's Walk will be virtual on Oct 31. Our team is forming, so contact Sue Horton if you want to join or donate to the team.
Jim Click Raffle Tickets available from JP Pilger. He only has 95 left.
District 5500 Announcements:
Survival Guide 2020 will be held Sat Oct 17 from 9-11AM.
District 5500 will have a World Polio Day event on Oct 24 from 9-10:30 via zoom.
Inner Peace in a time of Conflict will be hosted on Nov. 7 from 9-12. Cost is $15.
RYLA has been cancelled for Oct 2020.
Mark Snow has been selected to be District Governor 2023-24.
Our Guest Speaker Fariba Donovan, MD was introduced by Sharon Gaiptman…Dr Donovan is a physician and researcher with the Valley Fever Center for Excellence at Univ. of AZ.  Her research and practice in Valley Fever main emphasis is to get earlier diagnosis to improve patient outcome, lower costs and heightened antibiotic stewardship. Dr. Donovan started by introducing Valley Fever. Valley Fever is a fungus in the soil in the desert and can become airborne during the dry times. 60% of people exposed to the spore do not develop symptoms, 30% develop flu-like symptoms of cough, fever, chills and fatigue and 10% develop complicated symptoms. The main area where Valley Fever exists is in the southwest -Texas to California.The main corridor of Valley Fever in AZ is Maricopa, Pinal and Pima Counties. Age bracket of 40-80 year olds seem to be the most susceptible to valley fever spore.
People present with Pneumonia symptoms and occasionally lung cancer findings. Also, now the symptoms of valley fever are very similar to Covid. The challenge is that one in three patients that present with Pneumonia have Valley Fever. Because of the delay in diagnosis of Valley Fever are exposed to excess antibiotics and tests and delayed treatment.
Dr Donovan is encouraging physicians to test for Valley Fever when patients present with Pneumonia symptoms. She discussed prevention which is difficult because the spores are airborne in our area. A vaccine seems to be the best way to prevent the disease.
Valley Fever Awareness week is Nov. 7-16, 2020. Go to the website: for more information and research updates.
She asked that we share what we learned with others because word of mouth is the best way to educate the public about Valley Fever.
Ed Farver led us in the Four Way Test to close the meeting.
Next week’s meeting will feature new member Judy Lindsey.
Club notes presented by Dick Deaver.
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