Tales of the Traveling Rotary Wheel and other stories
It was nine days before Christmas and 34 members were ready to begin the celebration of the White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Martin Gomez prepared a bountiful holiday breakfast and we had the pleasure of his company for all the festivities.  Tom Cooke presided over the gift exchange decked out in his judicial hat and ready to rule over any disputes with an even hand – and rule he did.
The celebration began with a surprise 8x10 color glossy photo of each club member taken and distributed by Ray Cook.  Everyone was so grateful and thankful to Ray. 
The gifts were selected and exchanges did occur.  Teddy bears and singing stuffed animals were popular.  Judith Noyes selected a very large box and lo and behold it was full of stuffed animals.  She so graciously stated that all the bears would be donated to the Salvation Army.   Many members eyed the stuffed animals and it was the one and only ruling of Tom Cooke.  No one could take the toys from the Salvation Army.  He was firm in his decision and would not allow for appeals of his verdict. 
Kathie Rusk received a trove of jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that were hidden in a treasure chest.  Ray Cook took the jewelry from Kathie – wonder what he intends to do with all the sparkling bobbles and bangles! 
If the wine and alcoholic beverages had legs they would have clocked a lot of miles at the party.  So many exchanges occurred that I lost track of them.
The International Rotary Wheel was a coveted gift and was circulated amongst Ernie Boll, Ron Darrah, Francis Howe and Rick Buckman.  Michele Lewis who had the good fortune of drawing the final number took the Rotary Wheel from Rick.  She suggested perhaps it would be hung in the bedroom but knew Mike would draw the line! 
Come to the last meeting of the year on December 30 where we will send out the old year, welcome the new year and  learn of the final destination of the traveling rotary wheel.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Joretta Morrison
December 3
Rick Buckman
December 7
Ron Darrah
December 27
Pam Wigginton
December 28
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Melodye Cooke
December 21
Peter Eichman
Phyl Kettlehon Eichman
December 12
John Knutsen
John Knutsen
December 16
Bill Brell
RoAnne Brell
December 29
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Edward K. Farver
December 1, 1987
34 years
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December 19, 2013
8 years
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December 19, 2013
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