Meeting Notes June 24, 2021
The Invocation was presented by Jim Rusk in which he thanked his Almighty God for the food we are about to eat and for the fellowship amongst Rotarians.  He further stated that His divine law gave us the four-way test.  He implored that we are given the strength to live the four-way test.  Amen.
  • President Charlotte reminded everyone of the request for donations for Fisher House.  Volunteers are also needed at Fisher House.
  • Tickets are still for sale for the Taste of Tubac fundraiser hosted by the Tubac Rotary Club.
  • Planting of flags on July 4 will be done on LaCanada.  Let Bill Grantham know of your willingness to plant flags in the early morning or remove them late in the day.
  • The Salvation Army requested school supplies and provided a list of needed supplies.
          Thank you to Carol Pfister who shopped for club members and purchased a trunk
           full of school supplies.
  • Our club is supporting the Rotary Club of Tucson in selling raffle tickets for the Tucson Classic Car Show.   For every $10.00 ticket we sell the club will keep $5.00.   The raffle prizes are fantastic so be sure to buy tickets. 
  • Charlotte made a special presentation and acknowledgement of Jim Rusk as Chairmen of the annual Jazz in the Desert fundraiser.  After chairing the event since 2014, Jim has turned over the reigns of leadership for Jazz 2022 to Craig Altschul.   A video was shown highlighting the various years of the fundraiser.  A gift was presented to Jim – a Jazz in the Desert Bucket filled with some of Jim’s favorite beverages and gift cards.   Jim thanked club members for all their work on hosting and working tirelessly on behalf of the event.  Charlotte concluded her presentation with cupcakes – each decorated with a Jazz logo.
  • Michele Lewis suggested a Game Night club event on Thursday July 29.   The location is the Ramada and will start at 6:00p.m.  The cost will be $5.00 per person with all proceeds going to future club donations and service.  For the Game Night, the club will provide soft drinks, water and snacks to enjoy while playing your favorite board game or cards.  Please eat your dinner before coming to a relaxing night of games and cards with your fellow Rotarians. 
Dr. Tanyss Munro of the Amarok Society addressed the club on the work being done on behalf of children.  We learned today that the Amarok Society mission stands for the freedom of children from poverty, from violence, and from oppression.  Their mission is to educate children so that they may have the freedom to direct their own lives and contribute their full potential to the world. 
  • Throughout the world there are one in three children growing up illiterate.
  • Dr. Munro focused on the country of Bangladesh.  In a country just over one-half the size of Arizona, the population is approximately 175 million people.  In the video shown we saw images of unimaginable slums, living conditions and childhood poverty. 
  • Even though some children may attend school, they often remain illiterate.  The cause is attributed to the large number of students in a classroom with one teacher, some classes with as many as 60 students. 
  • To alleviate illiteracy, The Amarok Society teaches mothers how to teach children through micro-school at home programs.  In Bangladesh, The Amarok Society has mothers teaching in 23 microcredit schools.
  • The success of these micro-school programs has turned around the lives of those children enrolled.  A further benefit has lifted up the role of women in society with imparting values in their community.
  • There are 200 Rotary Clubs across North America that have partnered with The Amarok Society.
Next Meeting July 1:
2021-2022 Club President Bill Grantham introduces board members & committee chairs.
Meeting  AT THE RAMADA at 6:45.  Full breakfast provided by the club!
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