Today’s Rotary Club meeting was attended by 27 members in person and 3 members via ZOOM.  In person guests included speaker, Liz Petterson, Eugene Friesen, Bruce Munro, Reese Gorini from Ayr , MA, and Steve Sibulsky, Nicole Raymond and Sue Weller via ZOOM.  
Phil Silvers provided today’s INVOCATION, asking for blessing on our meeting and work and for peace throughout the world.  And expressing gratefulness for all we have in our world which greatly needs our attention.
Kathleen Silvers and JP presented Paul Harris awards to Ed Duiven +8 and Dean Tibbetts +1.  Kathleen emphasized the importance of donations to the Rotary Foundation in the name of peace throughout the world.
  • Charlotte will have raffle tickets for the Classic Car show on October 7 when she returns from vacation.  This will be the final day to purchase tickets.
  • Jim Click tickets benefitting St Andrew’s Clinic may be purchased from JP and Mary Fisher, past and current I-19 Most Influential People, for $25 or 5 for $100.  First prize is a Ford Bronco and 2nd prize a round trip to anywhere on earth.  Mary is currently under doctor’s orders to stay off her feet due to plantar fasciitis and will hopefully return soon.
  • New Valle Verde Rotary shirts may be ordered through Gary Friedman.
  • Fifteen Rotarians and spouses attended Thirsty Thursday at Los Agaves, an event very successfully arranged by Sandy.  
  • Craig reported on Jazz in the Desert’s recent committee meeting.  At this point all schools from 2020 Jazz are planning to take part again.  Food service planning is underway.  Sponsorships now total $16,000 and more are needed.  Jazz sponsor flyers are on each table each week to be used to recruit sponsors.  The forms can also be downloaded from the Valle Verde Rotary Club website.
  • Ron still has a few calendars available for $5 each.
  • Michele reported on Warmth from the Heart and indicated her socks basket has been filled, but more donations are welcome.  Club members are picking up coats at six donation locations.  Members may also bring donations to our weekly meetings.  By the end of October volunteers will be needed to sort all the donated items by size, gender, etc.  Bruce Munro added that if members plan to purchase an item to donate, children’s coats or other items such as sweaters or hoodie sweatshirts are preferred.  Anything from infant to age 12 or so are needed.
  • Sue Horton has knitted eight hats to donate so far while sitting in the hospital with Mark who will return home on September 24.
  • Michele reported on the Cowboy Roundup to be held  October 22 at the Ramada.  Gary has volunteered to cook Barbeque Pork and Ron Smoked Pork.  JP suggested a 50/50 raffle and has been volunteered by Michele to take charge of it.  There will be three door prizes and live music.  A donation of $12 per person is suggested, but larger donations are also acceptable .
  • Judith Noyes attended the Day of Peace program put on by K-3 kids at Montessori de Santa Cruz in Tubac and reported it was excellent.
  • Francis discovered visitors to the Valle Verde Rotary Peace Pole and bench are not only appreciative of the bench and pole,but are taking an active role in pulling unwanted volunteer grasses and weeds.
  • Gary reported on the installation of playground equipment at Genesis House and showed pictures of the project on the screen prior to the meeting.  Gary, Ron, Charlotte, and Bill unloaded a truck, carried 50 lb bags of sand, and assisted the professional installers.   The cost of the project was $8,350.  A District 5500 grant paid half the cost, the Valle Verde Rotary Foundation contributed $2,500, and the Valle Verde Rotary Club another $2,000.  This work was not kind to Gary’s back, but  he had earlier received some Cinnamon Gummies to ease his pain.
The Arizona Land & Water Trust is a 501C.3 non profit whose mission is to protect the western landscape of Arizona by selecting the most important land to be preserved and working with landowners who wish to preserve their land for the future.
Since 1978 60,500 acres have been protected.  Some of the ranches who have set aside land are located near Patagonia and Sonoita.  The Trust enters into a conservation easement agreement setting aside land which cannot be subdivided and pays the landowner an agreed upon amount.  The landowner may continue to use the land as before,but cannot sell the set aside land.
The Trust is financially supported by various donations from foundations, individuals, and government agencies with an invested interest.
A major project currently underway is the purchase of land called the Sopori Creek and Farm Project.  The land is located just south of the Pima County border in Santa Cruz County.  To the west is land purchased by Pima County, and to the east is the Santa Cruz River.  4,135 acres of the property are owned by Santa Cruz County and it controls another 10,000 acres west of the property.
In 2008 the voters of Santa Cruz County defeated the comprehensive plan amendment which would have permitted a development of 6,800 homes and a golf course on the land.
The Sopori Farm is considered a critical piece in reconnecting the protected landscapes, the wildlife corridor, the flow of water, the logic of the land, and the history of the place.  The potential benefits of the project include saving the tiny, endangered Pima Pineapple Cactus, restoring the riparian habitat, preserving a corridor for animals including the endangered ocelots and jaguars who migrate between the smaller ranges and the Santa Ritas.   Others see a ribbon of ranches down to Nogales or a pool for migrating birds.
Once purchased the land may be leased to ranchers for grazing on irrigated land, to train future farmers in growing crops, to lease land to restaurants to grow their own produce, and to save endangered species.
The Trust will need an additional $3 million to complete the purchase and then will seek a partner to purchase the land and put it into a conservation easement agreement.
The website for the project is
Next week’s program speaker will be Paul Williams, Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital.
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