Meeting Notes April 21,2022
Ray Cook reminded us that Rotary is helping the citizens of Ukraine. We
need to encourage our countries' leaders to help bring an end to conflict.
● Jim Rusk announced the ShelterBox Challenge will continue through April
23 at the Fiesta Sahuarita.
● JP reminded each Donation to Shelter Box will result in receiving tickets
to the Jim Click raffle.
● Charlotte Gates thanked everyone for signing up to help with Fiesta
Sahuarita & the Green Valley club will be joining us. A fish bowl will be set
up for Shelter Box
● Michele Lewis said Thirsty Thursday dinner at Quail Creek at 5:00 PM
April 21.
● Michele also announced she has reserved 26 tickets for “The Three
Musketeers” at the Gaslight Theater in Tucson Sunday May 22 at 3:00 PM.
Tickets are $27.18 per person. Signup deadline is May 5 with a full
payment check to be made out to the club. No refunds will be made. A
signup sheet was circulated.
● Michele announced the installation of our new club President, Sue Horton
will be held on June 30th at Canoa Grill. Cost for the meal will be $30.
● Mary Fisher announced the Charter of the Sahuarita Rotary club on
Tuesday was a great event with many district officials attending and 30
members were chartered.
● Birthday Books will be held Friday April 22 at 8:30.
● Phil Silver announced he will be leaving on Tues for Uganda to participate
in the Global Grant for Family Health Days at 50 sites. Will be also
celebrated with a Global Grant for IT education in which 25 women and
children have become Microsoft Certified.
Speaker: District Governor Diane Ventura-Goodyear
Before Diane shared information about the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona, she
presented several certificates and awards to the club. Charlotte received a
certificate for completing the goals she had set for 2020-21. JP and Mark accepted
awards to the club for our work and donations for End Polio Now, 2nd place award
for Foundation Giving and award for meeting the goal of 100% participation in
Every Rotarian Every Year.
Diane reminded us that the Vocational Fund of AZ is very successful. The average
age of the grant recipients is late 30’s to early 40’s. They are seeking education to
gain full time employment. The fund has more applicants every year. The grants
have been successful in giving people a jumpstart in attaining new occupations.
The goal for the fund this year is $315,000. Every gift helps and can be from clubs
or individuals. To make donations, go to
Next Week:  Chuck Wunder - GVFD in Action
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Sandra "Sandy" Wahl
April 3
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April 4
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April 7
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April 7
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April 9
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April 20
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April 21
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April 22
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April 27
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April 30
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April 5
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April 10
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April 21
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April 28
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