Meeting Notes March 4, 2021 (to correct invocation presenter)
The invocation was presented by Jim Blackburn who implored God for blessings and support for those grieving during this time.
  • President Charlotte reminded everyone that the annual food fight between club members and sojourners ends on March 31.   You can designate the food bank of your choice.  Please participate as your donation benefits Green Valley Food Bank and the Sahuarita Food Bank. 
  • President Charlotte reminded everyone of the Earth Day Celebration on April 21. 
  • President Charlotte announced that hybrid meetings will begin on April 1 at the Ramada where previous meetings were held.  Zoom and Facebook Live will also be available.  Charlotte reminded everyone that safety protocols will be required – mask wearing and social distancing.  You can order your favorite burrito in advance of the meeting.  Your food order form will be sent to you by Charlotte. 
  • Tom Cooke announced that the club received the Rotary Citation for community involvement.  Tom reported there are 25 stated criteria and the requirement is that at least 13 of the criteria must be achieved.  Tom was pleased to announce that the club met 17 criteria.
  • Jim Click raffle ticket sales will resume after July. 
  • RI I-19 Covid task force update was announced and is seeking volunteers.  Steve Sibulsky will post information on the website. 
  • Chuck Wunder reported that second round Covid vaccines will occur between March 8 and March 11.  Chuck is seeking volunteers at the vaccine clinic for four hour shifts.  If interested in volunteering, send Chuck an email. 
  • Kathleen Silvers thanked everyone for their expression of sympathy to her and Phil at the loss of their beloved son, Matthew.
President Charlotte presented a summary of the March 1 board meeting: 
  • Club recognition of World Water Day on March 22 is underway by Gary Friedman.   A project under consideration is a water station for the Navajo nation.  
  • Phil Silvers proposed the club be cosponsors for a global grant for empowering women in Uganda.  The board approved this request.  There is no financial obligation of the club.  If individual members choose to do so, they may make a donation to RI and designate this project.  The global grant will begin in the next fiscal year beginning in July 2021.  
  • The board also approved funds for advertising in the CPAC program. 
  • Two Grant Application seminar participants, Mary Fisher and Mark Horton, were approved for attendance at the spring training session. Club members were encouraged to participate as well. 
  • The club will apply for 2020-2021 District 5500 awards using two completed projects in the application. 
  • Five club grant applications for $500 each were received and approved.  Funding from District 5500 was applied for and approved making funding possible for all the grant applications.  Those grants approved are St. Andrew’s Clinic, Earth Day celebration at Desert Meadows Park, Continental Elementary School, Valley Assistance Services, and Fred Lewis Foundation for youth handball for youths deemed at-risk.
  • Charlotte commended members for all the work they do in reaching out into the community and making a difference.
  • Participation in an I-19 corridor project, Warmth from the Heart, was approved.  This coat drive for children and adults will take place in October. 
Donna Pedace, long-time member of Albuquerque Del Norte Rotary Club, is author of Scandalous Women of the Old West: Women Who Dared to be Different.  The book, published in September 2020, profiles ten amazing 19th century women who lived in the Old West.  Each woman stepped out of the conventional role for women in the old west and against all odds became trailblazers for the roles of future women.
Dona Tules was a card dealer and owner of a very large salon in Santa Fe.  She was notorious in her political reach and vast wealth.  She even loaned money to the United States Government for a military expedition. 
Mary Fields was a former slave and known as “Stagecoach Mary”.  While living in Montana she became a United States mail carrier, becoming the second female carrier in the country.  Mary was known for her good works and kindness.  To this day, an annual Mary Fields day is celebrated in Montana.
Augusta Tabor, postmaster, laundress and cook, performed any task and job to raise money to support the work of her husband Horace.   Elizabeth Doe, known as Baby Doe, became Horace’s second wife (although not divorced from Augusta) and was married illegally.  It was said that no woman would attend their elaborate wedding.  Scandal and tragedy plagued the rest of Baby Doe’s life.  After Horace’s death her life spiraled downward from wealth to abject poverty and she is known to have frozen to death in a cabin.
Lozen, an Apache war shaman, rode in raiding parties with the men.  She was known to use her powers in battle to learn the movements of the enemy.  It was said that she was “strong as a man, braver than most, and cunning in strategy.  She is a shield to her people”.   Eventually she was captured along with Geronimo and sent to a prison for women in Alabama where she died. 
Mattie Silks was considered the Queen of Denver’s red light district.  Starting out as a prostitute, she quickly became the owner of a many brothels and a very successful business woman.  She was known to be one of two women engaged in a duel in Denver.
Polly Bemis was a Chinese American pioneer. She was sold as a slave in San Francisco by her family at the age 15 or 16 years old and became a concubine.  She gained her freedom and married bar owner, Charlie Bemis.  They migrated to Warren, Idaho on the Salmon River where she became known to all of the tourists and locals for her nursing skills, fishing, friendliness, wit and sense of humor.  The cabin in which she lived was restored in 1987 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  In 1996 she was inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame. 
Elsie Clews Parsons was an anthropologist earning a PhD. and became a leading scholar on the Pueblo and other Native American peoples of the southwestern United States.  Known as a feminist, she was a prolific and controversial writer.  Her writings were very forward thinking and sparked the conversation of gender equality.  Often she wrote under the pseudonym “John Main” so as not to effect the political career of her congressman husband. 
Susan McSween was a prominent cattlewoman of the 19th century and once called the “Cattle Queen of New Mexico”.   She was best known for her role in the Lincoln County War.   It was said that she owned 8000 cattle.  She built her own home with her bare hands and discovered a valuable silver mine on her territory. 
Olga Schaaf Little was a mule pack train operator to the Denver mines.   She brought supplies to the miners and brought out oar.  She was the only woman packer who used a burro string along trails that rose above 10,000 feet.  The tales of her harrowing expeditions and the hardships she endured are legendary.  She was 5’4” and said to be very strong and a resourceful woman who excelled in a man’s vocation.  She was honored by the mining industry and in 1958 she was the subject of the tv program “This is Your Life”.
Nellie Cashman was called the “Angel of Mercy” and the “Angel of the Miners”.   She is described as an entrepreneur and prospector in the mining industry which brought her to Tucson and Tombstone. Nellie had the rare ability to move among the men of the west without any fear or problem.  Throughout her life she was committed to works of charity and justice.  She was best known for raising money to build Catholic churches and hospitals.
Author Donna Pedace concluded her presentation with the following quote from Nellie:
“ Everyman I met up north was my protector.And any man I ever met if he needed my help he got it whether it was a hot meal, nursing, mothering or whatever else he needed.After all we pass this way only once and it is up to us to help our fellows when they need our help”.
Future programs include Connie Williams on March 11 on water conservation. On March 18, Phil Silvers will present a program on Rotary legends of southern Arizona. 
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