Meeting Notes February 11, 2021
Mo Raso opened the meeting with today’s INVOCATION emphasizing how our club members work together sharing our blessings to make a difference in the world.
Our GUESTS included Dave from Minnesota, Susan and Matt Weller, and Bruce Munro.
  • The Duval Mine Road wash cleanup was completed on Saturday Feb 6 and photos of the crew were shown.  Jim Rusk treated each Rotarian there to a selection of vegetables he picked up that morning from the Borderlands food sale.  Susan Weller mentioned she and Matt participated in the Borderlands event.
  • The District 5500 virtual Rotary Leadership Institute had six Valle Verde club members in attendance.  Charlotte Gates, Mark and Sue Horton, and Mary Fisher were all graduates of the program.  Bill Grantham and Michele Lewis each attended one session also.  Each person shared their experience with us.
  • The Food Fight is underway.  Those writing checks may make them payable to the food bank of their choice and note on the check whether the donation is to be credited to the VV Member or Sojourner group.
  • The club assembly will be in two weeks. Discussion will include World Water Day.
  • The Earth Day planting event at Desert Meadows Park will be held either April 20 or 21 to accommodate the Interact Club schedule.
  • Charlotte has sent each member an email including a grant application form to be completed and returned by Feb 22.  There are two $500 grants available to be awarded by the board on March 1 to the most worthy projects.
  • The Rincon Rotary club is hosting a speaker, Mathew White,  on ZOOM Feb 18.  All are welcome to register for this special program.
  • Members interested in Rotary’s New Area of Focus may register by Feb 27 at for Past International President, Ian Riseley’s presentation, Tuesday, Mar 2.
  • A Video entitled Fixing the Planet  showed how the next generation is being inspired to take care of the environment.
  • Rotary International President, Holger Knaack, through a video presentation, urged Rotary clubs to submit a short video of their activities demonstrating how they are involved in fixing the planet.
  • Gary announced Wednesday, Feb 17 is the scheduled  date for cleaning the music equipment at Continental School.
  • Judith is excited for a long awaited visit from her sisters in May.
  • John Cousins mentioned ElTour has once again been postponed until fall.
  • Chuck Wunder shared that 3,000 vaccinations were given in Green Valley this past week.  There will be no more vaccines available until second shots are given in March.
Joanie Rogucki, a registered dietician nutritionist, cyclist, runner, and swimmer gave a program outlining how we can set and achieve personal goals.  Based on our survey, she focused on the topics of weight loss and healthy eating habits.
We are never too old to set goals for ourselves.  Goals need to be SMART goals which translates to SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT, and TIMELY.  It is important to “think small” to attain “big success”.  Goals need to be realistically attainable to be able to enjoy success.
Important elements of a successful program include mindful eating or being cognizant of what we eat and enjoying what we eat, doing exercise we enjoy doing, getting sufficient quality sleep, doing activities such as yoga or meditation to learn how to breath in a healthy way, and being adequately hydrated to allow our bodily processes to operate efficiently.
Joanie recommended a diet including foods from all food groups including fibrous carbohydrates such as whole grains eaten slowly.  The number of calories eaten daily depends on variables such as height, weight, and activity level.
Joanie entertained questions through the Chat feature on ZOOM.  Her general advice on weight loss is to find a program that works for you and know what foods do what.  Using a phone app such as My Fitness Pal or others is a good way to log in food eaten and exercise completed to become more aware of calories and nutrition in our daily diets.
Joanie is available to do a grocery store walkthrough on a private pay basis to give advice on food choices.
Steve is posting four websites provided by Joanie with helpful information on the Valle Verde website for our use.
Next week’s speaker will be Barbara J. Kieran, PHD presenting a model for providing healthcare to remote areas of Sonora, Mexico
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