Meeting Notes December 30, 2021
The weekly meeting ended the year with 26 in attendance, an additional two participated by Zoom and one guest joined us.
President Bill Grantham was celebrating the holidays with his children in Austin, Texas and turned the meeting over to – who else – Charlotte Gates.  Once again she was a natural in leading the meeting.
Ron Darrah presented a reading on Socrates and truth and doing good for others.  It seems that he may have been the impetus for the original Rotary founders. 
There were no announcements.  Michele Lewis presented Francis Howe with the “traveling” Rotary International Wheel that she won at the Christmas Gift Exchange.  At last the truth came out, Eugene Friesen originally gifted the wheel. 
The program entitled “Bats and Tequila” was a presentation by Judith Noyes with the IT support from Steve Sibulsky.  We learned a lot about bats and the importance of them in desert life and tequila.     Later in the meeting Judith thanked Steve for his steadfast support.  Everyone seconded her praise of Steve.
The meeting concluded with a song fest.  The first video was a presentation by a group entitled Playing for a Change who sang “What a Wonderful World”.   The song featured musicians and children throughout the world in collaboration to perform a wonderful and happy rendition of that famous song.
The last video to be played was the song “Auld Lang Syne”.  Eugene had all the club members standing and joining in to sing and say goodbye to the old year and welcome to the new year.
We concluded with a toast of non-alcoholic champagne.
Welcome to 2022!
Next Week:  The Rotary Vocational Foundation of AZ 
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