Meeting Notes September 30, 2021
There were 27 club members attending in person and 9 members participating via ZOOM on September 30.  In addition, guests included Joette Schwenck, new President of the Sahuarita Rotary Club, speaker Paul Williams from the Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital, Gene Friesen (of course), and Sue Weller via ZOOM.
Judith Noyes provided the INVOCATION calling for reflection on our lives and ways in which we can make the lives of those in the next generation better.
  • Gary showed installation of Genesis House equipment on the screen and also announced everything is a GO on the shade cover which will be ready to install in about 12 weeks time.  Unfortunately, when Gary went to meet with the people to discuss the shade order, he was unaware of a 15 MPH speed limit there and received a speeding ticket. 
  • Charlotte will have Classic Car tickets available to sell through next Thursday October 7.
  • Jim Click raffle tickets benefitting St Andrew’s Clinic May be purchased from Mary Fisher and JP.
  • New Valle Verde Rotary Club shirts may be purchased for $25.  Orders are to be placed with Gary.
  • Eugene Friesen has tickets for the German food Green Valley Rotary Club fundraising dinner October 30.
  • Jim Rusk announced the next Fisher House work day will be November 4.  Fisher House welcomes additional help before November 4.  Those wishing to volunteer on their own are asked to let Jim know, and he will make arrangements with Fisher House.
  • Craig reiterated the need for more sponsors for Jazz in the Desert.  Judy Lindsey mentioned asking her dentist when at an appointment and how easy it was to do that…encouraging members to keep that in mind when at appointments or doing business in the community.
  • Michele announced there is a signup sheet for the Cowboy Roundup with 39 names so far on the list.  Volunteers are in place to handle various responsibilities.  Although tickets may be purchased at the American Legion, Michele encouraged purchasing them in house due to an ulterior motive.
  • The October Valle Verde Rotary Board of Directors meeting will be held Monday at the Chamber of Commerce building at 7:00 AM.  Agenda items are to be sent to Bill Grantham.
  • The Peace Committee led by Kathleen Silvers plans to meet after the last regular club meeting of each month.
  • Ron still has a few calendars for sale at $5 each.
  • Judith Noyes requested all club members who are military veterans email her with information on their military service—military branch, dates and places served.  The November 11 meeting is in Veteran’s Day.
  • Charlotte and her crew of Francis, Michele, and Judy sorted and stored 158 jackets and 160 pairs of socks this week in preparation for Warmth from the Heart.
Paul Williams provided an interesting and useful program focusing on practical information on masking for protection against the Covid 19 virus and variants and also describing the challenges of today’s hospital operations.
Paul has a background working in the fibers division of large chemical companies and brings with him extensive knowledge of the fibers used in masks we wear every day.  The masks with the highest level of protection contain a polypropylene sheet containing a static charge which traps the droplets carrying the virus.  Over a period of time the effectiveness of the polypropylene sheet dissipates.  The Federal government’s stockpile of millions of masks at the beginning of the pandemic was over five years old and no longer as effective.
An aerosol of hydrogen peroxide or ultra violet are effective at sanitizing good masks for reuse which helped the medical community get by with the limited supply of N95 masks.
Paul described the various masks available for use.  The N95 mask is designed for medical use and has 95% efficacy.  In order to preserve a limited supply at the start of the pandemic private citizens were encouraged to use other options including cotton masks.
Paul wears the KF94 mask manufactured in Korea and provided supplies of various masks at the end of our meeting.  The mask is more comfortable than the N95 and nearly as effective.These are available through Amazon.
The KN95 mask is manufactured in China and it’s efficacy may be somewhat in question according to Paul.  The Dust Mask which many of us have has somewhere between 40% and 95% efficacy and cotton masks between 20% and 40% efficacy.  Most cotton masks won’t have the static charge layer limiting its ability to protect against the virus.  The more a fiber has the ability to hold moisture the more it becomes an incubator for the virus to continue to live.
A suggestion he made and received from another person is to have multiple masks and alternate using each on different days of the week.  Any virus trapped in the mask has a life if between 6 and 48 hours.  After that time period the mask is safe to reuse.  Masks may also be spritzed with hydrogen peroxide, charged fresh water, to kill any virus trapped in the mask.
Paul talked about problems due to the pandemic of not being able transfer patients to larger hospitals to handle medical problems requiring a specialist not available here in Green Valley.  The hospital has needed to be very creative to find solutions. 
The general surgeon sees 35 patients in a half day and does 5-7 surgeries on Wednesdays illustrating how busy they are.  There are Covid patients but generally they are the less serious cases.  The hospital is busier than ever due to the Delta variant and inability to transfer patients.  An advantage of being a small hospital is the level of care and concern for patients they are able to give.  Finding specialists to staff the hospital continues to be a problem as they are in short supply here in Southern Arizona and elsewhere.
NEXT WEEK:  Bud and Martha Eckhart - Anza Trail Coalition
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