Meeting Notes December 9, 2021
With 35 club members, sojourners and guests in attendance, Michele Lewis presented the reflection.   As taken from Maya Angelou’s  poem Amazing Peace, written in 2005 for the national Christmas tree lighting ceremony, Michele read a segment of the poem which concluded with extending thoughts and words of peace to all present.
Announcements by President Bill Grantham:
  • Bill read the proposed 2023 slate of officers as presented and approved by the club board of directors. 
  • Carol Pfister described the luncheon trip to Mexico on Tuesday, on December 7.  A great time was had by all.  Carol proceeded to describe a project currently underway with the Nogales Industriale Rotary Club in which old used desks are refurbished and given to schools for students.  The need for desks is critical as children may not attend school unless a desk is available for them.  It was suggested that members of our club may visit the Nogales Rotary Club to observe the refurbishing of desks and in some way perhaps the Valle Verde Club could lend a hand of support to their desk refurbishment project.
  • Tom Cooke reminded everyone of the holiday party on December 16 at the club meeting.  He cautioned it was a party “not to be missed” with the white elephant gift exchange.  Useless or useful gifts is the by-word for the party.   As a reminder – breakfast is free that day!
  • Mary Fisher thanked all members for their generous support of the Salvation Army Angel Tree for the purchase of gifts for 30 children.  Mary also read a thank you note to the club from the Community Food Bank for our financial support through donations.
  • Fisher House sent a letter of appreciation for the continued support with our donations of food, coffee and other items that allow Fisher House to continue to offer housing and and a welcoming environment to those that are visiting hospitalized veterans.
  • Stoveteam International Foundation responded with a letter of appreciation for the donations made by club members of $585 to continue their work in installing stoves in Latin America.
  • Michele Lewis spoke briefly about the Jazz silent auction committee and their work.  Ten club members met to sign-up to solicit donations from merchants and organizations.   Michele concluded her comments with a reminder to everyone that if they receive a gift during this holiday season and they find it to be “useless”, please donate it to the silent auction committee.  That item will find a purpose in the silent auction. 
Karin Topping, Executive Director of the Tubac Center of the Arts, informed club members of the history and mission of the Center.  Tubac Center of the Arts represents Tubac’s artistic heritage and identity in the pursuit of excellence in serving as a venue for artistic expression, appreciation, and learning for those who create and enjoy art in southern Arizona. 
We learned about the founding and history of the Center from donated property  in response to local artists desire to have a central location to display their work.   It is a non-profit organization supported solely by members.
Programs offered at the Center include exhibits hosted by artists and students.  In addition, performing arts series are held from October through April of each year. 
You can also experience Art Speaks series at which artists and experts speak to foster educational exchange and lively discussions.  Through the Tubac School of Fine Art, adult art workshops are offered.   Many specials events are also hosted at TCA, all hosted with the goal of increasing understanding and appreciation of art and music.    To learn more about the Tubac Center of the Arts, exhibits and programs, go to their website at
Next Week:  Christmas Party & White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Breakfast is included!
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