This morning’s meeting included Ernie’s friend, Art Gravely and Assistant DG Bruce Munro, recipient of a $5 raffle prize which Gary suggested go towards his first haircut.
ZOOM participants included Jack and Mary Lou Grieves, Kathleen Silvers, Michele Lewis, Judy Lindsay, Roxanna Rico, and Dean Tibbetts. Facebook viewers were Laura Peters and Rick Buckman
Phil Silvers gave the invocation. As club historian, Phil talked about remembering those who came before us and those who will come after.  African Rotary clubs understand the concept of relatedness to the family of Rotary, those of the past, present, and future. Phil shared how Bob Stewart of the Green Valley club started Valle Verde as a morning club where Green Valley club members could do makeups and  younger members could attend meetings and still get to work on time.  The club struggled for a time until Bill Stevens turned things around.  Jerry Mendelsson followed with the first sustained project in Mexico by raising $103,000.  Volney and Gary got a fund raising project, Jazz for Fun started.  And Andi and Bill Grantham involved themselves in youth programs making Valle Verde a leader in that area in District 5500.  Interact student Elizabete from Latvia became the first exchange student to graduate from Sahuarita high schools and later started an Interact club in Latvia.  Phil ended with the thought of looking to the future while remembering our past.
  • Mark Horton presented Mike Duiven with his Paul Harris +7.
  • Charlotte announced the passing of Tom Brown this past week.  Tom and his wife are remembered as very welcoming to a new Sojourner a dozen years ago.
  • Charlotte prepared a video presentation in memory of those Rotarians who have passed away recently.
  • Charlotte and Gary collaborated on a second video presentation of memories of Valle Verde’s history.  Ron Darrah was part of the second series of photos and happy not to be part of both video presentations.
  • Judy Lindsay’s birthday was celebrated today and Chuck and Heather Wunder are celebrating 26 years of marriage.
  • Sign up for Salvation Army  bell ringing 
  • Angel tree gifts-let Ron Darrah know which child you are shopping for
  • Handbags of Hope can be turned in until November 30-see Michele Lewis 
  • Continental school music park dedication ceremony 12-7-20 5:15 PM. Wear mask.
  • Green Valley News ran an article by Steve Sibulsky on Jazz.
  • Christmas gift exchange 12-17-20.  Christmas hats suggested.
  • Letter of thanks received from St Andrews Clinic for donation raised by Jim Click raffle.
  • Tom received a call from Peter Eichmann thanking for remembering his birthday.
  • Char sending email reminding of opportunity to donate to Polio Plus.
PROGRAM - Dick and Sharon Pomo. Blind Golf Champions Tournament
Dick was born with only partial sight, less than 20/200 and legally blind, a term he finds interesting wondering how one would be illegally blind.  Golf is his passion, a game which provides an activity which can be enjoyed by a person without sight.
Dick and Sharon started a golf tournament for blind golfers in 2011 with 11 golfers and 17 volunteers.  Each golfer requires a coach to assist  the player in preparing to play each shot, knowing the distance, hazards, and getting properly aligned.  In 2019 the tournament hosted over 30 players and 70 volunteers.  Coaches aren’t required to be golfers, but being a player is helpful to learning to coach.  The player will let the coach know what he or she needs to know and what help they require.

Dick emphasized enjoyment of the game is the most important part of playing which he has been doing for 50 years.  Sharon became his coach before she began to play golf herself.  She quickly learned what to describe to him and what to leave out such as a hazard he would see in his mind much like a sighted golfer and likely hit his ball into it.
The tournament has been hosted in Green Valley attracting players from 11 countries many of whom return each year.  If you have an opportunity to participate as a volunteer or volunteer coach, it will be a great chance to meet a group of people with the most positive attitude and sense of enjoyment.  The next tournament is tentatively scheduled for April 2021, but could be canceled or postponed due to Covid-19.
In addition to organizing tournaments, Dick has served as President of the International Blind Golfers Association and was involved in the development of the Americans With Disabilities Act.
No Meeting next week…enjoy Thanksgiving.
Next meeting December 3:  Historic Canoa Ranch Parks with Debbie Kenyon, Historic Canoa Ranch Community Liaison
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