Meeting Notes October 7, 2021
There were 26 members attending with 4 on Zoom.
Invocation: Bill Grantham
Guests: Green Valley Rotary club President Robert Shevlin and Pres elect Phil Noble
& Eugene Friesen
● Continental School - monthly cleaning of outdoor musical instruments - contact Gary
● Birthday Books - October 18 - distribute books to children at Continental School -
contact Mary Fisher
● Cowboy Roundup. October 22 - Good early interest with 46 signed up. contact -
Michele Lewis
● Alzheimer's Walk - October 30 Planning to have a picnic and walk the Anza trail -
contact Mary Fisher
● Fisher House - November 4 - work team - contact Jim Rusk
● Ride to End Polio - November 20 - assist in set up and staffing of Rotary tent for
refreshment station. Expecting possibly 5,000 or more riders and will need lots of
help - Gary Friedman
● Ride to End Polio - Participate in outdoor ride in November - contact JP Pilger
● Andi’s Ride - Participate in indoor ride - in November- contact Michele Lewis
● Jazz in the Desert - March 5, 2022 - Craig Altschul reported that sponsorships have
increased to $16,000.
● Only 15 calendars remaining - Ron Darrah
● Valle Verde Rotary shirts are available - Gary Friedman
● Sign up for Salvation Army Bell ringing was passed around - Contact Esther Curralis
● Bill Grantham announced that Michele Lewis will be President elect
Bud Eckhart presented the Anza Trail and Expedition. He showed a movie about the Anza
Trail Expedition in 1775.The movie started with Raul Graljalva sharing that the Juan Bautista De Anza Trail was designated a National Historic Trail in 1990.  
The following is a short review of the movie.
The Anza trail expedition began with an exploratory journey by Juan Anza in 1774 from
Mexico to San Francisco. He received authorization from Spanish leaders to lead a group to
San Francisco to establish a Presidio that would keep Russia and England from taking over
their northern territory.  The 1800 mile expedition started in October of 1775 from Tubac to San Francisco.  Anza recruited soldiers with families with multiethnic backgrounds.  A total of 300 people and 1000 animals started the journey.  They had to unload and load 7 tons of provisions everyday.  The expedition followed the rivers in Arizona and received assistance from several Native groups along the way.  The most challenging time was in the desert where they experienced a blizzard and earthquakes.  The expedition reached the San Francisco area in January 1776 which was the beginning of San Francisco.
Anza returned to Tubac.
Bud shared that the Anza trail is maintained from Tubac to Ruby Rd. by the Anza Trail
Coalition of Arizona. They help with trail signs and repair of foot bridges after the monsoon.
If you would like to watch the movie, google Anza Trail Expedition.
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