Meeting Notes July 22, 2021
Invocation: Bill Grantham asked that we should be thankful for the opportunities and
challenges we are given each day.
Guest: Emma Vaterlaus
● Steve showed the logos that Gary has developed for Jazz in the Desert 2022.
● Michelle shared that 30people have signed up for Thirsty Thursday at Quail Creek
at 5PM on July 29th. Please let her know if you are planning to attend.
The Van Gogh Exhibit - The Immersive Experience is planned for Sept 29 at 1:00
will need sign ups to plan transportation and tickets.
● Breakfast Buffet will be served at meetings. Cost is $8.  Use the signup sheet at the
meeting or contact Michelle for reservation of breakfast for next week.  Deadline for
Breakfast orders is on Tuesday prior to meetings.
● Shirts with Rotarians at Work are still available for $13.
● Raffle tickets are available from Charlotte for the Tucson Classic Car Show.  It is
your chance to support the Rotary Club of Tucson and our club with the purchase
of a ticket(s).  The purchase of your ticket includes entrance into the car show.
● Ron announced 2022 calendars will be available at next week's meeting.  Let him
know how many you would like.
● Gary has tickets for the Taste of Tubac.
● Emma thanked the club for the scholarship she received.  She shared that she
received other scholarships that will help pay for college that she will start in
Hawaii.  She will major in Cultural Anthropology and minor in language.
Ryan Bennett, Bill's Home Service, shared that Bills Home Service was started by his
Grandfather in 1964.  The service company has evolved into mainly pest control and in 2007 added a home watch program.
He went on to cover the five most unwanted pests in Arizona.
1. Scorpions - 100’s of species.  Main ones here are the Devils Scorpion and Bark
Scorpion.  The Bark Scorpion has a longer tail and is the one that comes into our
homes looking for insects.  They can enter through an opening the width of a credit
card.  Control the food sources for insects to help control the scorpions
2. Termites - Two main types are Dry wood termites and Subterranean termites.
Termites cause the most damage in the US at about $5Billion per year.  Recommends
annual inspection.  Treatments used in Barrier and Baiting to control the termites.
3. Africanized (Killer) Bees - Bees that have moved into the southern states combining
with the native bees.  Strongly suggested that a professional be contacted if an
infestation or swarm of bees is found.  They are aggressive and dangerous.
4. Pack Rats - they are about 6-8” long with larger ears.  They are nocturnal and are
known for chewing anything because their teeth continue growing causing the urge
to chew to wear the teeth down.  They do eat wiring on cars, especially the soy based
covering on the wires.  Keep your landscaping up to avoid nesting spots and giving
them ways to access the home.
5. Ants - Multiple kinds of ants around our homes.  Mainly avoid any food sources
around or in your home.
Next Week:  Laura Romero/St. Andrew’s clinic
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