Meeting Notes June 17, 2021
The Invocation was presented by Eugene Friesen as a personal reflection.  Eugene told three personal stories which had a profound effect in his life.  Each story shared a common thread in which he linked the theme of the human heartbeat.  The first story told of his chance encounter with members of a tribe on another continent at the time in which he crashed his plane.   The second story told of the birth of his daughter who upon coming home could not be comforted until she laid on the chest of her mother and felt her heartbeat.  The third story told of the recent massive heart attack of this very same daughter.  As Eugene sat at her bedside he wondered if he could transfer his heartbeat to her.  He wondered if his heartbeat could heal her heart.  Eugene concluded his message to us that the responsibility of Rotarians is to heal and be the heartbeat to those whose world has been turned upside down.
  • President Charlotte reminded everyone of the request for donations for Fisher House.  Volunteers are also needed at Fisher House.
  • Club members who are fathers were honored by Charlotte and each was presented with a small gift.
  • Planting of flags on July 4 will be done on LaCanada.  The Green Valley Rotary club will be responsible for one side of the street as we plant flags on the opposite side.  Let Bill Grantham know of your willingness to plant the flags in the early morning or remove them late in the day.
  • The Arizona Daily Star and the Green Valley News published an article about the granting of scholarships by our club.
  • The Salvation Army requested school supplies and provided a supply list of what children need to return to school.  Items purchased can be dropped off at the Green Valley Salvation Army office or brought to a Rotary meeting.  Carol Pfister offered to shop for you.
  • Tickets are still for sale for the Taste of Tubac fundraiser hosted by the Tubac Rotary Club.
  • The Rotary Club of Tucson is selling raffle tickets for the Tucson Classic Car Show.  For every ticket we sell, the club will keep $5.00.   The ticket sales is a win-win for both clubs. 
President Charlotte thanked the Club for their support through her journey and loss of her beloved husband, Mike.  She expressed gratitude for the people in the club and their gracious, loving and giving ways.  Charlotte recounted the accomplishments of the club under the most challenging circumstances of the pandemic.  She made mention of some but not all of the accomplishments:  *Birthday Books *Dress for Success *the wash cleanup *the Alzheimers walk *the 100 Mile Challenge Walk *planting of flags on July 4 *the Food Fight with significant donations to the Food Bank *awarding of $8000 in scholarship to four high school seniors *Jazz in the Desert Reimagined *the Angel Tree gifts for children *bell ringing for the Salvation Army *the Music Park at Continental School *the Handbags of Hope with other Rotary clubs *placement of the Peace Pole and bench and celebration of Earth Day with plantings, both at Desert Meadows Park.  In addition, four $500 club grants were issued for causes important to our members. We also became a Peace Builder Club in our District 5500.  In light of all of these efforts for the community, the club received the Presidential Citation Award with Distinction. 
Charlotte made special mention of members, Michele Lewis as Club Services Chair, Mary Fisher as Program Chair and Ron Darrah as Treasurer.  Tom  Cooke received recognition for all his work in helping make it possible for the club to continue to meet at the Ramada.  And a special recognition of Gary Friedman was made for his support and mentorship to Charlotte.   Charlotte stated that Gary was the person she turned to whenever in need of advice.  Board Members and Committee Chairs were each honored for their leadership and activity on behalf of the club. 
Two members were honored as Rotarians of the Year.  For the year of 2020 Francis Howe was honored.  Francis is the man behind the scenes who goes above and beyond to make all the meetings possible and complete.  Steve Sibulsky was named Rotarian of the Year for the year 2021.  His knowledge of technology and IT support has elevated the club in the manner in which we communicate with the public as well as internally.    Charlotte said “without Steve she was terrified”.    The Rotarian of the Year awards for both Francis and Steve are well deserved honors and recognition. 
Charlotte ended her remarks by stating it was her “honor to serve as President of the Valle Verde Rotary Club”. 
The meeting concluded with a presentation by Phil Silvers of the history of the club and those that served as presidents.  The club first began in 1986-87 under the leadership of Bob Fleury as a breakfast Rotary Club with 22 founding members.  Throughout the ensuing years, each president and club members created their own identity and commitment to service and work on behalf of others.  And so today, we conclude the presidency of Charlotte Gates who led with firm resolve and direction and all the while with a gentle touch.  Thank you, President Charlotte Gates. 
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