Meeting Notes July 15, 2021
Invocation: Mary Fisher asked us to be grateful for our friends, the monsoon rains and the vaccine that protects us from the virus. As Rotarians we are grateful for the fellowship, the four-way test and ability to serve. We will continue to help the suffering.
● Craig Altschul, chairman of Jazz in the Desert 2022, announced the committee
held their first mtg. Gary has developed the design for 2022 and the committee is
off to a good start.
● Michelle shared club activity plans.  Game night has been cancelled. Will have
Thirsty Thursday at Quail Creek at 5PM on July 29th.  Please let her know if you
are planning to attend.  The Van Gogh Exhibit - The Immersive Experience is planned for Sept 29 at 1:00 will need sign ups to plan transportation and tickets.
● Breakfast Buffet will be served at meetings.  Cost is $8.  Deadline for Breakfast
orders is Tuesday prior to meetings.
● Shirts with Rotarians at Work are still available for $13.
● Raffle tickets are available from Charlotte for the Tucson Classic Car Show.  It is
your chance to support the Rotary Club of Tucson and our club with the purchase
of a ticket(s).  The purchase of your ticket includes entrance into the car show.
● Gary F announced the Genesis House Project.  Genesis House is the domestic
abuse center for Green Valley and Sahuarita.  The Board selected this project of
$9000 to be submitted for a District Grant.  The grant has been approved by the
Rotary District for $4500 with matching funds from Valle Verde Rotary.  A
playground will be built in the backyard of Genesis House with a swing play set, a
sand box and a shade cloth.
● Gary has tickets for the Taste of Tubac.
Tony Vartola, Operations Manager for Port Devanning services, shared information on commerce at the Nogales border.  Port Devanning services were started by brokers at the border to work with US Customs inspections. The staff unload trucks that the contents need to be inspected.
The min wage along the twenty mile border strip is $10.55/day or $75.00 a week. The min wage in central Mexico is $7.00/day or $49.00/wk. Work week is 48hrs so approximately $1.00/hr.  The sales tax is 8% along the border and 16% inland. Gasoline costs about the same along the border but about double inland.
Crossings at Nogales coming into the US in 2019 were 3.4 million pedestrians and 3.3 million cars with 6.6 million passengers.  Customs does not monitor how many of those people return to Mexico.  About 350,000 commercial trucks cross the border per year.  About 19% of the trucks are visually or x-ray inspected a year.  The Cartels are very aware of the lack of inspections and even use decoy trucks to keep customs busy while the big shipments of drugs pass through.
Next Week:  Bill’s Home Service – Controlling Household Bugs
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