Meeting Notes April 1, 2021
Invocation led by Tom Cook who reminded us of the many offerings of Rotary and to abide by the rules of trust, fellowship and ethics. We should put service above self in our daily endeavors.  We should test yourself in our efforts that they are the truth, will be good for all concerned, benefit to mankind and provide peace and understanding.
Club Values led by John Yeager
Guests: Jazz band directors from the seven schools that participate in Jazz in the Desert, Bruce Munro, Asst Dist gov,  Matt & Susan Weller from CO,  Bob Taylor from NY, Joyce S visiting with Michelle Lewis and Joyce Finkelstein.
Sandy Wahl introduced Dave Wickstrom as a new member by transfer from Winona, MN. He is married with three daughters. They have a summer home in Northern Wisconsin. Dave was sponsored by John Yeager.
Jim Rusk, chairman of Jazz in the Desert reimagined, welcomed all the Band Directors and
students to celebrate Valle Verde Rotary support of the music programs in the I19 corridor and thank them for making Jazz in the Desert possible. Checks for $1,000 were presented to each music program. The directors individually offered their thanks for the support from Valle Verde Rotary.  
From left to right:  
Donald Heaton - Nogales High School
Joe Ferguson - Continental School
Quinn O'Donnell - Rio Rico High School
Lisa Sargeant-Myers - Sahuarita Middle School
Ryan Carle-Ogren - Walden Grove High School
Mark Phillips - Great Expectation Academy
Christine Garcia - Sahuarita High School
Valle Verde Rotary club has chosen Continental School Earth Day Project as a recipient of a
$500 club grant. Cuevas DeAnna, Principal accepted the grant and stated the school and Valle Verde Rotary members will be putting flower plants in the planters around the school buildings on Earth Day, April 22. She thanked Rotary for the grant.
PROGRAM: John Jorgenson from Marana Rotary Club speaking about Shelter Box. Initiated 20years ago by a Rotary club in Cornwall, England, the Shelter Box program has become one of the most successful disaster relief programs in the world. Shelter Box teams deliver the boxes to families face to face.
Over the past year 104 million people were displaced by disaster or conflict. Last year, Shelter box worked in 13 countries helping 33,000 families and over 200,000 people. Presently they are working in nine countries. A Shelter Box costs $1000 delivered and includes a tent and items necessary for a family to survive a disaster. Also, now they assess the needs of the families to provide what families need which might be the shelter kit which includes tools, or shelter lights that provide safety and security as well as a usb port to charge cell phones. They have also included PPE and sanitizers to help protect families and staff during Covid.
Shelter Box has prepositioned in nine warehouses throughout the world to be able expedite
After receiving requests, the situation is assessed to determine the decision to deploy. The
need must be for at least 100 families and must be at least 30days. Also, is the government willing to accept the aid and whether the help is needed. Is the area safe to serve? Shelter Box has adapted many ways to provide help where problems such as governments block deployment. Often Rotary clubs in the affected area are used to place the boxes.
Shelter Box has been recognized by several monitoring organizations. It was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Shelter Box is funded by donations without governmental assistance. Shelter Box appreciates
the support our club has provided.
Please contact John if you are interested in working on the Shelterbox program.
Next week speakers, Brian Edney and Amber Matheson to talk about the new Sahuarita Library.
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April 22
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April 30
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April 5
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