Meeting Notes May 20, 2021
Ray Cook gave the invocation giving thanks for the food we eat, the opportunities we have for service, and the steady improvement in the Covid situation.
Today’s guests included District Governor Diane Ventura-Goodyear, Steve Grantham, Matt Weller, Bob Sjogren, and speaker Dave Simmer.
  • Charlotte honored meeting scribes, Michele Lewis, Dick Deaver, and Dean Tibbetts with a personalized coffee mug.  
  • Charlotte awarded $5 gift certificates to members who placed their Rotary Wheel sticker on their automobile.
  • Sojourner Tom Regnier from Minnesota, celebrated his birthday this week.
  • Charlotte reminded meetings will resume indoors at the Community Church on June 3.  Masks will be required.  Coffee will be served and breakfast burritos will be available for those who order in advance.
  • The blue bucket will continue to be available for Fisher House donations.  Following are needed items: Individual coffee creamers, Paper towels, Sturdy paper plates, Napkins, Dish Soap, Snacks:  chips, cookies, nuts, candy etc.  (Individual packs please), Soda, Water, Flavored beverages
  • Valle Verde Rotary members have walked 1,149 reported miles prior to the meeting surpassing the goal of 1,000 miles.   Walking  members have earned a donation to Polio Plus for the club.
  • Adios Senora Presidente will take place May 27 honoring Charlotte for the excellent leadership she has provided the club for nearly 1 1/2 years.  Thank you Charlotte.  There will not be a morning meeting next Thursday.
  • Gary has ordered new work shirts.  There will be extra shirts for those who wish to have one but have not yet ordered one.  See Gary.
  • Continental School cleaning the music instruments and the birthday book programs are in May.
  • Charlotte announced a $500 grant was given to the Fred Lewis Foundation supporting youth handball programs.
  • The Interact end of the year graduation party was held.
  • The Valle Verde Foundation gave $2,000 scholarships to Ayah, Emma, Troy, and Gianna.
  • Tubac Rotary is selling coupon books for $60.  Gary has four books available to sell.
  • Reminder of the District Virtual Conference and the Freaky Friday drawing each week for early registrants.
  • The Rotary International Convention will be held virtually June 6 to June 10.
  • Phil and Kathleen announced their son, Matthew, will be honored at a Memorial Service at the University of Bethlehem.
Today’s speaker was introduced by Diane Ventura-Goodyear.  Rotarian David Simmer, who made an excellent presentation about water poverty on the Navajo Nation Reservation and Rotary’s involvement in providing funding to the organization, Dig Deep.
David shared information about the facts of life on the Navajo Reservation.  It’s area would make it the 40th largest state in our country if it were a state.  It’s unemployment rate was 50% before the loss of coal mining and power plant jobs.  40% of its children live in poverty.  70,000 people there  live in water poverty.  They travel 20-50 miles to get water filling containers which need to be protected from the elements and wild animals.   On average, Navajo families use only 7 gallons of water daily.  This is 1/14th of the average American family use.  They are forced to reuse water for cooking, washing, and cleaning.
Navajo families live in a clan arrangement.  A grazing manager assigns areas where families may graze their livestock, sheep, and goats.  Each clan has its own grazing area and homes are separated at some distance for this purpose.  As a result it is not practical to have a hub and spoke water system with a central well.
Living at 6,000 to 9,000 feet elevation presents its own problems.   Stored water sometimes freezes in winter and bacteria forms in the extremes of summer heat.  Due to rocky terrain and arroyos, underground piping is not feasible.
95% of the land reserved for the Navajo Nation is not owned by them.  The U.S. government owns the mineral rights which include rich uranium deposits.  Mining uranium has become a source of employment for the Navajo Nation.  Unfortunately, mining uranium can be a health hazard and has lead to many cases of cancer among the workers,  and the underground accessible water supply has become contaminated with uranium runoff and now cannot be used for any purpose.  200 such sites are now candidates for Super Fund cleanup projects.
A United Nations report shows the Navajo Nation has the largest concentration of water poverty in the U.S.
Dig Deep is a non profit organization bringing running water to 2.2 million people in this country.  See dig for more details.    Dig Deep has devised a cistern system, a 12,000 gallon tank, which is installed at each home.  The homeowner must apply for the Dig Deep cistern.  It safely stores water underground and is pumped into the home’s sink.  The pump is powered by solar power which also can provide electricity for lights and a TV.  Water trucks fill the cistern every few weeks for $52.
The program got its start with a school bus driver named, Darlene, who drove kids to school in the morning and home after school.  She could see their clothing was often not washed due to a lack of water.  She began hauling water to their homes with her pickup truck and filled the storage buckets during the day between bus trips.
It is estimated there are still 10,000 homes without running water.   Rotarians have raised funds through District Designated Fund Global Grants for 250 cistern installations.  Diane Goodyear announced a District 5500 Designated Fund Grant of $5,000 was donated to provide running water for 64 homes.
Currently there is a project to provide running water for 40-50 homes in Dilkon, AZ which is 45 miles north of Winslow, AZ.
NO MORNING MEETING next Thursday, May 27. 
June 3:  Guatemala Stove Project
June 10:  Labyrinths of Arizona
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