* JoAnne Sapp gave a Rotary Moment about kindness.
* 31 Members attending in person; 10 guests, including ADG Bruce Munro, Gene Friesen, potential new member Ann Marsh,  Green Valley President Phil Noble, 6 firemen and  our DG, Hank Huisking on ZOOM.
* Last Thirsty Thursday was well attended and a great time and food at Quail Creek.
* Sue announced that there would be a Board Retreat after the club meeting to plan for 2022-2023.
* Kathleen announced that Liz Cohn is critically ill with cancer.
Chuck Wunder and 6 Green Valley firefighters presented a very informative and extremely interesting program.  They brought in a computer operated mannequin.  First, they started with a "mock" 911 call, demonstrated by our own Mo Raso.  We listened as the operator ask Mo questions as she dispatched the fireman to the emergency location.  The "victim" was having a major heart attack.  We watch the 6 firemen go through the process that they perform and noted that many times we wonder why they send so many people to respond but learned quickly that they all have a very specific job to do.  We found out that Banner is the first choice for Level 1 trauma victims.  Also, the difference between a paramedic and an EMT was clarified.  There were many questions asked and answered by Chuck and his men.  This program was one of our best and was enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Chuck and these dedicated first responders.  You all are truly a blessing to our community.
Christine Erickson with Valley Assistance Services and 3 special check presentations!
Submitted by Nancy Green
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