Meeting Notes March 31, 2022
Today’s meeting hosted 35 members and sojourners in person and four via ZOOM.  Guests included Eugene Friesen and Ann Marsh.
Judith Noyes presented a moment of reflection quoting from Pope  Francis listing a pathway to peaceful living fasting from negative actions and replacing them with positive ones.
  • John Yeager has four tickets to the Taste of Tubac Sunday April 10.  Seating is at John’s table.  Contact John if interested.  Gary Friedman also has two tickets.
  • Judy Lindsey received her first Paul Harris award and Charlotte Gates received her Paul Harris +7.
  • Gary reported the Shelter Box Challenge is now over $20,000.  Jim Rusk added later his projection of reaching $50,000.  The Shelter Box tent will be set up for Saturday’s Peace event at Desert Meadows Park and the public is invited to attend and make donations.  Tom Cooke is in charge of erecting the tent on Friday at 4:00 PM and received commitments from volunteers to help.  Others are welcome to join and help.
  • JP announced all Rotary donors to the Shelter Box Challenge will receive Jim Click tickets.
  • Michele announced club members and Interact students painted stones for the Peace Pole with words of peace.  There will be an illustration of Rotary Club projects and a donation bowl.  Attendees may bring their own lunch and chair for the picnic at the Butterfly Ramada after and cookies will be provided.
  • Jim Rusk reported there are photos on Facebook of the Fisher House work day last Thursday.  They decorated guest information bags and made salads.  Jim and Kathy donated their book to Fisher House.
  • The Four Way speech contest will be April 9.  The District will make available a ZOOM presentation at a later date.
  • Judy Lindsey announced there will be a special community event at the Ramada at Esperanza April 9 hosted by Jewish leaders.  Look for information in the newspaper.
PEACE COMMITTEE PROGRAM hosted by Kathleen Silvers
Kathleen presented the work of the Peace Committee noting that all seven Rotary areas of focus are peace related.  The committee’s goal is to create a culture of peace.  Creating this culture is a process of identifying values and beliefs and making a commitment to action.
Commitment is a call to action starting with
1. Consider peace-what is it  
2. Identify actions to achieve peace
3. Prioritize possibilities
4. Select Actions.
The committee shared among themselves the meaning of peace and ultimately selected thirty terms to actualize peace.  From a long list of words, they selected those words which were painted on the stones to be placed at the Peace Pole.
Kathleen asked the members at each table to select words which best represent peace and discuss why they selected those words.  Examples from one table were Respect, Justice, Kindness, Responsible, Truth, and Forgiveness.  Though brief, the process was useful in understanding how each of these words can lead to peace.
Finally, Kathleen showed a moving video of Ukraine while the Ukrainian National Anthem was played and the verse to that anthem demonstrated the strength of their people which is played out each day in news reports of the war.
Thank you Kathleen and Peace Committee members.
Next week’s program will be Senior Support Alliance presented by John Jay Brodsky.
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