Meeting Notes January 6, 2022
There were 33 members attending with 1 on Zoom.
Guests: Eugene Friesen and son Ed, Bob Hansen, speaker Ann Marsh and her friend John
Invocation: Carol Pfister
● Fisher House - Work team will leave after the meeting on January 20, 2022 - contact
Jim Rusk
● Jazz in the Desert - Tickets are on sale for March 5, 2022 performances - contact
Craig Altschul or Char Gates
● Silent Auction for Jazz 22 - will have a presentation at the next mtg. Contact Michele
● Thirsty Thursday - Plan to get together at Triple Play on Jan. 20. Join in the Corn
Hole contest. Contact Michele Lewis
● Michele announced the breakfast price will increase to $10 starting next week.
● Annual Grants of $500 to four organizations chosen from proposals submitted by
club members. Watch for an email from Charlotte Gates
● The Genesis House project continues with painting of the poles.
● Membership Committee - contact Charlotte Gates
● Continental School - monthly cleaning of outdoor musical instruments - contact Gary
Program: Ann Marsh - The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona
Ann is a Rotarian from Tucson and has been a part of the Vocational Fund
for many years and is presently serving on the board.
The Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ (TRVFA) started in the AZ Rotary districts
in 1990. Vocational Education has had a downturn in emphasis since 1957
but now is a very important part of education as seen with the great JTED
program in our area. The TRVFA is funded completely by donations and
qualifies for the AZ tax credit of $400 single or $800 couples.
Applicants fill out the form for a grant. The qualified applicants are
referred by the fund chairman to a Rotary club for an interview. The club
can then choose to fund a grant of $2000 for the applicant. Last year 131
applicants received a total of $234.000 to help with the cost of their
vocational education. After the student receives a grant, the local clubs
stay in contact with the student and monitor their progress.
Ann asked that our club considers sponsoring students and that club
members consider donations to TRVFA. TRVFA financial goal for 2021-22 is
$350,000 and have received $110,000 so far. Please watch emails that are
sent from the district about TRVFA. For more information, check out
Next week speaker - Senior Support Alliance
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