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Club Notes – April 16, 2020
37 club members attended today.
Birthdays:  Nancy Green Monday April 20 and Chuck Wunder Tuesday April 21
Look for. District 5500 email regarding volunteer search.
Charlotte warned to be alert to Covid-19 scams and to report any fraud to the government.
Salvation Army is closed for two months and employees are working from home.
The topic of how to put unneeded money from the CARES Act into the hands of people who truly need the money was raised.    Laura advised the Green Valley Foundation is coordinating efforts with organizations who can distribute money to local families in need.
Chuck Wunder provided another update on the local experience dealing with Covid-19.  He referenced the Green Valley News articles in Wednesday’s paper which spelled out current case numbers and the need to keep distancing ourselves and practice good safety habits.  He expects our case peak to be April 22.  He is seeing more calls responding to home situations resulting from family tensions as people struggle adjusting to current conditions.  The department is now ASKING callers to meet the responders outside their home if possible.  Rumors have spread in Quail Creek that the fire department will NO LONGER come inside our homes which is not correct.  Ron Darrah offered to post this corrected information for the residents of Quail Creek.  So far none of the 80 employees of the department have called in sick.  Two employees work full time searching for necessary supplies and safety equipment.  Chuck urged us all to share peace and encouragement to those around us during this difficult period.
The theme of today’s meeting centered around how Rotarians respond to our world in the Covid-19 environment.  Charlotte provided three videos, the first,  Rotary Supports Mother’s and Babies, depicted our efforts to provide for the health of both where needed around the globe.  The second video showed encouraging efforts from citizens of Italy singing from their balconies, an Italian tenor singing, and messages from American actors, Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner, singer Keith Urban, and comedic actor, 93 year old, Mel Brooks.   Ron reported he was inspired by the Italian neighborhood to do the same by singing in his front yard.   Unfortunately he was forced inside again by the sound of gunshots.  The third video compared the sacrifices we are making today with those our previous generations had to make during the depression and World War II which make our present situation seem not as difficult.
We were left with the thought that better days are coming and we need to keep a positive attitude.    From our attitudes a new and better world is possible.
Dean Tibbetts