Club Notes September 17, 2020
There were 20 in-person attendees at the third club meeting at the outdoor ramada.  It is beginning to feel like home.   Thanks to Steve Sibulsky and his technical expertise, the meeting was broadcast through Facebook Live and made available to eight other members to view. 
President Charlotte deemed the Peace Pole and Memorial Bench installation ceremony on September 12 a success.  With many club members in attendance along with Ellie Patterson,  I-19 Rotary Club presidents and other guests, it was thought that 49 people were in attendance. Multiple pictures of the ceremony were in the Green Valley News. 
President Charlotte discussed the Board approved proposed amendment to the club by-laws. The amendment would permit the president-elect nominee to become a board member.  Today members of the club voted and passed the amendment to the by-laws.
Foundation Club calendars for 2021 are for sale.  See Ron Darrah to make your purchase.  They are $5 each.
Join the Valle Verde Rotary team and participate in the Alzheimers Virtual Walk on October 31.  For more information please contact Sue Horton, the team captain.
Special recognition of J.P. Pilger who was named one of the most influential people in 2020 along the AZ 19 region.  To celebrate, a virtual event will be held on Tuesday, September 22 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.  Tickets are $10 each.  For additional information, call 520-625-5511.
J.P. reminded everyone that he is selling Jim Click raffle tickets.  All the proceeds go to St. Andrew’s Clinic. 
Zuhal Sharp of Rotary International was the guest speaker through her zoom presentation.    She is a senior specialist for service and networking programs for Rotary International.  Zuhal oversees Rotary service and engagement programs through Rotary Action Groups.   Rotary Action Groups exist to increase Rotary impact and public image, to expand Rotary reach and help Rotary clubs and districts plan and implement projects, and to empower members and participants to pursue goals. 
The support includes helping clubs find partners, funding and other resources.   In the year 2018-2019, Rotary Action Groups raised $890,000 and supported 1642 projects. 
It was noted that the Valle Verde Rotary Club through RIFA action group raised $750,000 for family health. 
To learn more about Rotary Action Groups visit their website groups. 
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October 29
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