Club Notes October 22, 2020
Invocation led by Charlotte reminded us of what we can learn from positive and negative
experiences and as Rotarians to learn Service above Self.
Club Values led by Craig
Announcements led by Pres. Charlotte.
Happy Birthday to Paul Barker and Moe Raso
Last chance to buy raffle tickets at the meeting but still available on line.
Foundation club calendars are available at the meetings or by contacting Ron Darrah.
Only a few are left.
Alzheimer's Walk will be virtual on Oct 31. Our team is forming, so contact Sue Horton if you
want to join or donate to the team. Sue also has a sign up Long Walk board. The team will walk
at Sahuarita Lake with the Interact club. Time will be announced next week.
Jim Click Raffle Tickets available from JP Pilger. He only has 90 left.
Order Breakfast Burritos by Tues by contacting Charlotte.
Jazz in the Desert Reimagined report by Jim with progress on getting sponsors and getting
ready to send out the mailing in Nov. Encouraged members to consider being a sponsor or
donate to the project like they have in years past.
Continental School Music park will be completed by Thanksgiving. Need about six members to
help with Gary Friedman leading the project.
Salvation Army Angel Tree and Bell Ringing to start on Nov.16. Esther reported that they have
36 families for the Angel Tree. Bell Ringing will not take place at Safeway this year. Contact the
Salvation Army office to sign up for Bell Ringing.
District 5500 Announcements
Dist 5500 will have a World Polio Day event on Oct 24 from 9-10:30 via zoom
Inner Peace in a time of Conflict will be hosted on Nov. 7 from 9-12. Cost is $15.
Peace Builder Club was reviewed by Charlotte. The club members voted to become a Peace
Builder Club. Several members expressed interest in being on the committee.
Today our speaker was Kelly Galvin who gave a review of his book: PowerPoint Ranger: My
Iraq War Logs. Kelly enlisted in the Army Infantry in 1975. He retired in 1996. He continued to
work in Healthcare Administration and IT. When 9-11 happened, he contacted the Army to ask if
he could help and was told that retirees were not needed at this time. After retiring to Green
Valley, in 2007 changes were happening in the Iraq War and retirees were welcomed. In 2008
he received a call from the Army to ask if he would consider being recalled. He agreed and
finally was called to deploy in 2009. After training and being fit with all the high tech equipment,
he was deployed to Iraq.
He was moved around several times until he ended up in the Joint Op
Center located in the Al-Faw Palace. All the reports came to the center and his group evaluated
the report. They put together presentations for the command group to help them plan future
strategies. He worked 7days/wk/12hrs/day. The center had about 200 workstations.
Researching the incidents was difficult for us because of the deaths that occured. Pres. Obama
made a visit and announced that the Irag Forces would be taking over more responsibilities and
the Army forces would be downsized. Kelly volunteered to return home. In 2019, he decided to
write a fictional version of his experience.
Next week's speaker will be Dr William Howe who will give a talk on Covid 19 and the
Cardiovascular Effects.
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