This morning we were graced by two signifigant events - the Bald Eagles with Mother Eagle (Dottie Cook) and Randy Brooks, District 5500 Governor.Randy was very gracious in his comments about our Club - our good works, our sense of committment and the fact that we seemed to so enjoy ourselves and one another.
Randy's purpose on this official visit was to try to put Rotary in perspective. He did this by talking of his own personal Rotary Journey. The journey started by joining the Marana Club for business reasons. Then he began to see the "little things" - the "little things" that the Marana Club was doing to serve the local community. This morphed into an awareness of what Rotary as an international organization was doing across the globe. This broader view was underscored by a trip Randy and his wife made to Africa. There he saw Rotary at work dealing with poverty, water, AIDS, TB, Polio - almost every need known to man. All of this resulted in another "little thing", a joint effort of a local African Rotary Club, District 5500 and a matching grant from Rotary International to creat a garden that feeds an entire village. What are the words from that song? "Little things mean a lot."
In his closing remarks, Randy commented on the importance of two things: 1) the importance of membership growth AND retention and 2) the importance of supporting the Rotary Foundation. He had made his case on the latter matter with his African story.