Hi Rotary Friends and Supporters,
Thank you for your support of my effort in the Ride to End Polio in the 21 November El Tour de Tucson.  This aging body made the 40-mile ride this year in about 3.5 hours.  I assure you that the thought of your generosity helped keep me going--in the initial steep hill climb and in the final ten miles. 
All in all, you contributed $3, 115 which, with the Bill and Melinda Gates 2:1 match, earned $9,345 to eradicate polio from the face of the earth...which could happen in 2016 (Pakistan will be tough but current numbers are encouraging).  When I get the numbers from all of our 100 or so riders, I will let you know.
Special thanks to JP and Kathleen.  John Pilger contributed himself and sent your money into The Rotary International Foundation--for which you received Paul Harris credit.  Anne, you will receive a Rotary ID number and when you join Rotary, you will have your contribution to your credit.  Kathleen contributed big time and took the attached picture and got some publicity for Rotary's Polio work in the Green Valley News (November 29, p B-3 "Riding Strong").
From the children of the world who will now live healthy, normal lives, many thanks!