This is the sweet time of the year in Arizona--cool enough not to need air conditioning during the day and warm enough at night that you do not need heat. And yet, we are having our Sojourners Party this Saturday. I have a hard time believing that you are getting ready to leave. You really should stick around through April. However, before you leave do not forget this year's food fight.
This goes for all of our Rotarians. The real winners are those people in need who depend upon the food banks to make ends meet.
If you are wondering how we did at Jazz in the Desert, I will let Jim Rusk talk for himself:
Valle Verde Rotary Foundation
Regular Monthly Board Meeting
February 9, 2017
The regular monthly board meeting of the Valle Verde Rotary Foundation was called to order at 8:15 am, February 9th.
Members present:  Bill G, Gary F, Ron D, Tom C, Virginia J and Jim R. Others present: Bob J and Alex D.
Due to the absence of the board secretary no minutes were available to review.
Financial Report:  Treasurer Gary F presented the Year-to-Date P & L and Balance sheets for review. Funds are in good shape.
Old Business:
*  Decision to withdraw $2000 from the Nogalas Sanora International Water Project grant was confirmed.  Project has not been approved by RI.  President Jim R will contact District Grant Coordinator Sally Montagne and request that our check be returned.
*   Board will support the Navaho Indian International Water Project in the amount of $2000. Action is needed to identify the POC for that project.
*  Club members will visit with the Arivaca Action Center board on February 12th to update the progress on the District grant.
New Business:
*  A number of topics were discussed concerning the upcoming Jazz in the Desert event.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:45.
Respectively submitted.
Jim Rusk
Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the action of the RI Board of Directors last January re firearms, Rotary Clubs, Districts and Entities. I ask all of our membership to read the policy and not react in haste even though this is happening. Let's be patient and thoughtful. The policy is:
B-16. Weapons and Rotary Clubs, Districts and Other Rotary Entities
2.100. Clubs and Districts and Guns, Weapons or Other Armaments
Rotary clubs, Rotary districts and other Rotary entities shall not sell or otherwise transfer ownership of guns, weapons or other armaments, nor participate in activities where such items shall be sold or given away, such as raffles, even if the Rotary entity is not the owner of the item(s). Rotary clubs, Rotary districts and other Rotary Entities shall not conduct or sponsor any gun shows or other exhibitions involving guns, weapons or other armaments or accept sponsorship from any entity whose primary business is the sale or manufacturer of guns, weapons or other armaments.
The effective date for the world wide implementation is July 1, 2017 unless modified.