I will soon be leaving Bangkok. It has been an exciting experience. I have learned a lot during this time about peace building and immensely enjoyed the companionship and solidarity of the other fellows. 
We got back last weekend from our field trip to Cambodia where we were able to see the struggles of rebuilding a country after the trauma of the years under the Khmer Rouge. During our stay we visited the Killing Fields, a Khmer Rouge prison, and sat in on a session of the war crimes tribunal. It was not one of the most cheerful legs of the trip -but certainly an incredible experience.  Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in the world is a very dynamic place with a booming economy. The challenges to achieving sustainable development in the country are tremendous, but I had the impression that particularly the youth are committed to seeing the country change. I highly recommend a trip to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. It was hot and crowded but fascinating.
We will have our final group activity tomorrow - a public seminar with amongst others, our Rotarian sponsors and friends. I have attached the program, so that you have some idea of the issues we will talking about and included a picture from a day that we visited one of the local host Rotary clubs. After that we get our certificates and, hopefully graduate. I am one of two fellows voted by the group to represent them with a farewell speech at the during the graduation ceremony.
 I’ll have a couple of days to rest before heading back to Germany on 31 August. I understand that there are many ways to remain connected to the Rotary Peace Center through their alumni program. We will be briefed on that on the last day. I am looking forward to that. It would be a pity if my involvement with Rotary and the Peace Center had to end here.
By the way, the Peace Center is preparing a series of videos with brief interviews of the fellows as part of the 10 year celebration of the program. I have done one with a brief message to Valle Verde. I don’t know how the interview turned out, but if it’s not embarrassing, I’ll make sure you get a copy as a possible two-minute contribution to the district convention in September.
I am planning my next trip to Arizona for Jan/Feb 2015. I will certainly report back to you and the club on the fellowship then.
Thanks again to you and the club for your support! It has been an incredible experience.
All the best to you and the Club,