Posted by Andi Grantham
Last weekend the population of Hamburg Germany was increased by several thousand. Its only temporary of course but we were told that about 34,000 Rotarians descended on the city! The city has gone all out for Rotary with flags and banners all over town and even hanging from some of the boats in the harbor. There is a big emphasis on youth here and the Rotaractors have manned the information booths and are directing all those people so they get to the right place. They had their own convention over the weekend. Since Saturday we’ve met Rotarians from everywhere and have exchanged ideas about projects and clubs. The District 5500 dinner was fun and the food was fabulous. Did I say food? We found a little Biergarten near our hotel with really good food and great beer. We are already on a first name basis with the servers because we have gone so often. So far we have only been lost on the trains once but after riding around for a while and changing trains a couple times we figured it out.
We enjoyed the opening ceremony from the comfort of the Inspiration Lounge and this morning we are headed off to the second general session and another day of Rotary. Later this week we have a tour or two lined up so we can get the most of our visit to Hamburg then we are off for a visit with Malte and his family.