Valle Verde Rotary Club makes splash at Rotary Membership Conference. 
Valle Verde Rotary Club makes splash at Rotary Membership Conference. The meeting was hosted by Dove Mountain Rotary and there were some impressive Rotarians in attendance. The focus on the meeting was membership and the decline of 1.2 million members over the last 15 years. Rotary clubs all over District 5500 are encouraged to grow membership first, take care of members and then let everything else fall into place. Chad Denson and Veronica Boone were the two representatives that were in attendance from Valle Verde Rotary Club. There were many things that Veronica and Chad learned that they wanted to share with the club. 
-A new and improved website that better displays our club to the local population and to our members
-A guest book so that we may retain visitor information and invite great speakers back
-To look at member retention and see if our current members are happy as members of our club
-New member retention, generating buy in with members in the club 24 months or less
-Better accommodating speakers and members by utilization of a wireless microphone
-Working hard to keep Facebook and our website up to date
-Working to recognize and celebrate the work of members to make sure they understand we appreciate them
...and many, many more! 
There will be some changes and new efforts regarding membership coming up for Valle Verde Rotary Club. Some will be so subtle you might not notice them. Some of them will be very direct and hard to miss. It's our belief that as our club grows, so grows the potential to impact our members, our community, and the world!