Today’s ZOOM assembly included 34 participants which included Sojourners from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Alaska, and perhaps other places.  Sharon Graiptman is back in Arizona because husband, Peter, is receiving treatment at Banner Hospital.  Charlotte’s husband is being released from a Texas hospital today.
We all have the opportunity to register online for the Rotary International Convention which is free and coming to our homes this year.  There is a link to  register for the convention on the Valle Verde website.
Charlotte will send an email reminding those who wish to attend the District Governor’s virtual installation ceremony to register for the event.
Plans are being finalized to resume in person club meetings at American Legion Post 131 starting July 2 through August 27.  The Location is at 249 W Esperanza with ample parking in back of the Post.  Martin is meeting Dan to familiarize himself with the kitchen facilities as he will resume providing breakfast.  We will receive a survey which will  provide an opportunity to express concerns we may have about meeting in person.  Please reply to the survey.  It has been decided to seat only three people per table, to sanitize all surfaces, and to require masks of all attendees.  Masks will be provided for those without a mask.  There will be an online option for those who are unable or uncomfortable meeting in person.  ZOOM will not be available from the Legion, but the meeting will be available on Facebook which can be accessed from the Facebook link on the Valle Verde website.
Youth Exchange has been suspended for the 2020-21 year.  Morgan and Sam have been notified.
Bill Grantham indicated the Town of Sahuarita is requesting volunteers to put up banners along LaCanada and Sahuarita Rd June 28 for the July 4 week.  Bill is asking for a volunteer
to organize a group of workers to put up the banners.  Bill will be visiting his daughter in Texas and missing the next two meetings.  He will be back in time for the work day.  If you can do this, contact Bill.  Steve also offered to help by setting up a Club Runner signup.  Bill indicated a crew of four Rotarians and four Interact students would be sufficient.
The next two meeting agendas will include Year In Review on June 18 and Robert Medina, Johns Hopkins graduate and former Interactor and Scholarship recipient on July 25.
A tentative date of August 8, 9:00 AM has been set for the Peace Pole dedication ceremony at Desert Meadows Park.  This date presumes the Peace Pole will have arrived by then.
Chuck Wunder reported his Fire Department is receiving about three or four calls daily which may be COVID related but  not a significant change.  So far there have been no Department employees or family members who have been infected.  Pima County and the state are experiencing an uptick in COVID cases with hospitals at 83% capacity.  Santa Cruz Valley Hospital now is treating COVID patients as well.  There is some discussion beginning about consideration for another possible shutdown in Arizona.  Arizona, Arkansas, and Utah are the three states most recently experiencing large increases in cases.  We are urged to keep space between us and others, wash hands, clean surfaces, etc.  Additional information on COVID-19 in Arizona is available at  Presently the Fire Department is engaged in sending assistance to help fight fires in three locations including a new fire in Arivaca and the Bighorn Fire.  Residents in the Tucson area have received an alert to prepare for a possible evacuation.
Nicole Raymond-Getting To Know You
Nicole provided an interesting account of her family life, activities, hobbies, and career.  Nicole’s parents moved from Illinois to California where Nicole was born and raised.  Growing up Nicole enjoyed camping, hiking, swimming, and skiing with her family.  She was a competitive swimmer in high school and college and was also on the college rowing team. Besides outdoor activities, she played the piano and flute and sang in choirs.  Today she enjoys sewing and quilting.  Her first job was being a lifeguard and swim instructor for the park district.  She also worked in aquatics and senior activities.   Nicole has two God daughters who are the children of her best friend growing up and a college friend.  Both girls share the same middle name, Nicole.  And, of course, Nicole is Mother to Kona, the Rotary Dog, for the past five years.  She joined Valle Verde at the invitation of Mary Fisher around the time she adopted Kona who has been a regular at Rotary meetings.
Nicole earned a BS in Recreation Administration and moved to Junction City, Oregon where she ran the senior center with the aid of a volunteer staff.  Her next career stint was in Tucson at The Fountains at LaCholla followed  by eight years at Green Valley Recreation running membership and culture events.Next she migrated to the Pima Space Museum running special events and did freelance graphic design in her own business. For the past twelve years  Nicole has been employed at LaPosada as Director of Resident Services which involves integration of new members, maintaining the front desk, and managing the salons.
Nicole’s move to Arizona was well timed with her parents retirement.  They also moved to Green Valley and enjoy time with Nicole hiking Madera Canyon and taking trips to National Parks.  Photography of hiking landscapes has also become an interest for Nicole.
In response to questions, Nicole advised LaPosada is doing a SLOW opening after the pandemic shutdown.  The front desk and salons have reopened, and there is a tentative plan to reopen the restaurant by appointment.  In the meantime, a cold lunch and a hot dinner are being delivered to residents in their homes.  There is also grocery delivery to those in need of that service.
Kathleen provided a thoughtful, powerful thought of the day concerning our role in providing hope in these difficult times.