Rotary International has come out with a statement on racism which promotes bringing people of different races together by listening and learning.
Valle Verde plans to return to in-person meetings starting July 2 through August 27 at American Legion Post 131 on Esperanza.  Breakfast will be served there by Martin.  For those not ready to return to in-person meetings in July and August, attendance by ZOOM or Facebook will be made available.  Steve is figuring out the technical stuff.
Valle Verde applied for and received an additional $300 District Grant and distributed $150 each to the Sahuarita and Community Food Banks.
There will be a Peace Pole dedication ceremony at Desert Meadow Park in either July or August.  Date to be determined.
On June 11, Nicole Raymond will be featured in a Getting to Know You segment. 
On June 18, Charlotte will present the Year in Review.
On June 25, Robert Medina will present a program on his experiences.
J.P., Sandy, and John (Cousins) presented a program on Rotary Fellowships focusing largely on El Tour de Tucson and Polio Plus fundraising.  Rotary Fellowships are made up of groups of Rotarians, their families, program participants, and alumni who share a common passion enhancing the Rotary experience through making new friends and sharing hobbies.
Sandy’s participation in Cycling to Serve led her to El Tour de Tucson.  In addition to this annual cycling event, there are Rotary sponsored cycling events throughout the world. Rotary raised  $4.5M In the 2019 El Tour.  $300,000 was raised by Rotarians such as Michele Lewis who chose to collect pledges for riding miles on a stationary bike.  This is an opportunity for all who are able to raise additional contributions.  $66M has been raised over the past ten years.
John spoke of the lasting bonds and relationships he and  Kharmyn have formed with Rotarians from around the world through participating in this Fellowship.  After the bike ride, there is an opportunity to gather and share camaraderie with other participants.  John has ridden for 16 years and Rotary’s General Secretary, John Hewko, has ridden in El Tour eleven times.
This 2020 El Tour will include a variety of events from a 28 mile ride starting in Marana, to 57 and 100 mile rides starting and ending in Tucson.  The long ride will make its way to Sahuarita/Green Valley, and Valle Verde will have an opportunity to  participate with a rest stop in our area.
Kathleen Silvers pointed out the June issue of the Rotarian has an article on page 60 describing fellowships, listing 89 separate Fellowships among them are Beer, Rum, Whiskey,  Wine, and others.
Chuck Wunder Update:
There has been little change in the number of Fire Department calls for potential COVID-19 virus.  There are not as many calls now as a few weeks ago.
There has been an uptick in hospital admissions possibly due to more testing for the virus.
Nursing facility COVID-19. Cases are declining.  Regarding testing, up to 30% of positives tests may be false positives.
Chuck and family leave June 28 with his son who begins his career at the U. S. Naval Academy.
This is fire season with Green Valley responding to five fires this past week.  Be responsible and hydrate when you are out.
Gary attended the Rio Rico Rotary meeting where it was noted Santa Cruz County’s COVID cases increased from 200 to 400 as testing increases.
Also from Gary, good news on Ohio State football.  They plan on having a season with fans.  For those of you from the Midwest/East, Ohio State plays your team on these dates:  Iowa 10/10, Michigan State 10/17, Penn State 10/24, Nebraska 10/31, Indiana 11/7, Illinois 11/21, and Michigan 11/28.  Do we know anyone who is a Wolverine fan???  Once again the Buckeyes catch a break without having to play the Minnesota Gophers.  Make sure Gary hears from you if your team is a winner over OSU.