I just read last week's write up on post polio syndrome as I had to leave the meeting early. In the past, I have questioned the importance of the report but now understand its value. I had no idea that post polio syndrome was so prevalent even though I knew/know some polio survivors.
Onto to this week. This is our last meeting before the Food Fight to End Hunger concludes on Mar 31st. Please dig deep! We, the regulars, may have a window of opportunity to shine as I believe John Yaeger is cruising the southeast coast of the US and will not be there this Thursday. How glorious it would be if we retained our banner and the regulars once again won the club competition!  Whether we win or lose, the folks who need the help are the big winners.
There are a number of updates to future events and at least one addition, the Southern Arizona Day of Peace. If birthdays and anniversaries are wrong or missing please let me know and I will update your records. One critical lack of information is birth years for some of our female members. This is a common problem and is recognized by RI and it correction is built into the Rotary Citation by having at least 60% of club members report their birth dates through My Rotary. I would be glad to do this if necessary and you trust my discretion.
If anyone has heard of the services for Beth Phillips please let me know as a number of members were looking for that information last.
Finally, if you signed up for the I-19 luncheon on April 12th in Nogales, Sonora it is time to pay for it and select your entree. The all inclusive cost is $30 payable in cash. I will have the menus at the registration desk for the next three meetings.