Hi Friends,

You're wondering why you have not heard from me for two days. Well...things turned out pretty well at graduation yesterday, and our 'fellowship' meeting at the Kiwatule club last night. The Minister of Health, a past president, was there for my presentation. Some members of the team have been, shall we say, demanding.  Every hour or so, a new idea or better way of doing things...even when the 'new idea' is what we are already doing.  It has been exhausting.  The trainees have been wonderful and inspiring...and inspiring one another.  Also, our Rtn Rosemary and her two staff members from Mulago national referral hospital have been super great to work with.  Out of about 25 cases with the pregnant women we screened, there were three exceptional cases:  one with two tubal masses, a discovery of twins rather than a large baby, and, sadly, a fetus that had been dead for several days.

We finished with 23 happy graduates.

Today, I have a day off--to analyze and write the participant evaluations.  Tomorrow, Dana and I go to Gulu in the north country for Rotary Family Health Days.

Meanwhile, I am behind the curve on coordinating nationwide the random sample of sites for 4-month follow-up evaluation.  That is job one for today--my "day off."

Just before the participants wrote their Personal/Professional Strategic Plans (which I also need to analyze), we had a fun time in the amazing vegetable demonstration garden with various kinds of composting.  We planted things, getting down and dirty.  Hopefully, we will have gardens around the country, providing free, or low-cost, vegetables for expectant mothers.

Time to go back to bed!  Thanks for your support,  phil