Hello all,

Today (Saturday) was our first day of training.  It could not have gone better--except that five trainees were no shows, but they will be with us tomorrow and our first 16 will help them get caught up.  It is an impressive group--from all over the country.  And four of the ten sponsor Rotary clubs also showed up to start the bonding.  The rest will join us as we go.

We started with introductions, some testimonials, trainees telling about their greatest challenges.  Objectives of this project, the MOU between sponsor clubs and the healthcare centers.  We have four Ugandans on the team--Rotarian Rosemary, the radiologist, and her two colleagues from Mulago Hospital; then Rotarian Shiba, the staff nutritionist at AIC (our host for the 3rd year).  Shiba has created wonderful demo compost pits and several demo veggie gardens as nutrition is a huge issue for  the well-being of mothers and babies.

We unpacked the ten ultrasounds and charged up four of them for the afternoon.  In the morning, trainees learned the workings of the ultrasound and how to use it.  In the afternoon. we had 3 breakout groups with 2-3 trainees in each group volunteering as 'patients'.  They were like kids at Christmas with this very helpful tool that they have forever needed.

Dr Dan Shanit MD of Israel had great difficulty getting her from France where he was consulting...canceled flights and a missed flight. He has already made a great difference after he arrived in the early afternoon.  We had a very stimulating meeting here at the hotel after the 'work day.'

Tomorrow the trainees will get a primer in OB/GYN, analyze some slides, and Dana will do some role plays on interviewing patients...and getting their histories.
Monday we will have 20 pregnant clients and 10 other women volunteers.

The team seems to be bonding very well.  Intermittent rain yesterday; none at all today.