Posted by Richard Roberts
Elias Herrera, director of Casa Vida Nueva  Para Los Ninos (Home for Children) in Nogales, Mexico came to the Club this morning to introduce us to his organization, its circumstances and its goals (with the help of our own Martin Gomez as translator)
     Casa, supported by the New Life Church of God in Tucson, takes in abandoned children ( not all are orphans) of both sexes ranging in age from 1 year to 18. They are presently serving 50 children with a goal of supporting 100. One of its major goals is to stress education through high school and beyond. It is this tress on education that brought us our second speaker of the morning, Reed Olsen of RISE scholastic Achievements, a 501(c)(3) of Green Valley. 
     Rise was created to provide revenue support for the children at CASA. This translates as $600 a year for each child going to high school and beyond. RISE is a totally volunteer organization. 99.5% of all donations to RISE goes to educational funding at CASA.
     The Valle Verde Rotary Club is supporting two CASA children through RISE - - Edgar Medina and Antonio Morales, both currently in high school and will continue to support them to the tune of $600 per year  ( total $1200) should they continue their education beyond high school.