Posted by Richard D. Roberts on Sep 12, 2019
What is Lifelong Learning all about? A lot of things - - learning new things -- keeping the mind alive and alert -- an opportunity for social interaction -- and probably some things we seldom think about. A major opportunity for lifelong learning in Southern Arizona and Green Valley is the OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE (OLLI) an outreach program of the University of Arizona. Scott Aldrich, program manager of OLLI came to the Club this morning to bring us up to speed on what OLLI has to offer in Green Valley. OLLI's motto is, CURIOSITY NEVER RETIRES. It is one of 122 similar programs across the country. It is run primarily by volunteers. It is funded by student fees, donations and grants from endowments. There are 3 terms of classes a year. Classes run from one week to ten weeks. Most classes are 90 minutes long. Class offerings run from history, culture, science. philosophy, social science  ----- the whole gamut of intellectual exploration. Tuition ranges from $140 for one class to $180 for three classes in any one term, In Green Valley classes are held at the Community Arts and Learning Center.