Dr. Manual Valenzuela, Superintendant of the Sahurita Unified School District is no stranger to Valle Verde Rotary. Today he came to talk about the impact of 471 on his schools. Since most had already voted by mail and only members who resided in his district could vote, his presentation was more of an update on his schools now and where he hopes they are going.
     Put succinctly, the Sahurita schools are trying to meet the diverse needs of students - - needs that go beyond the basic academics.This means additional funding and 471 is designed to provide that funding. Some of the needs the funding will address are:
   -- expanded physical plant
   -- more help for physically and emotionally handicapped children.
   --expanded counselling programs- so important in helping children deal with the increasingly complex world in which they live.
   --expanded phyisical ed ans sports programs.(i/3 of all children are border-line obese)
   --expand vocational ed options
   --expand military program
   --reduce class size so there is greater opportunity for individualized instruction
     Sahurita is a rapidly growing community. Its schools can use all the help they can get.