Posted by Richard D. Roberts
 Connie Williams message this morning: 
     - - put down the remote,
     - - get out of the chair,
     - - go outside,
     - - maybe do a little hiking.
An appropriate message since people spend 93% of their time indoors.Connie identified 11 possible advantages for spending more time outside:
     1- improve short term memory
     2- improve mental health
     3-stress relief
     4-improved vision
     5-reduced  inflammation
     6-ability to concentrate better  
     7-clearer thinking
     8-fight cancer
     9-immune system boost
     10-enhanced mental energy
     11-reduced risk of early death.
 She also observed that hiking and other outdoor activities were particularly helpful for kids. Connie spent the rest of her presentation talking about all the efforts to improve hiking trails and hiking activities in the Santa Cruz Valley and efforts to maintain the river. Little wonder the stress on these activities since outdoor activities have a major economic impact on Arizona.