Posted by Richard D. Roberts
Rotary may mean different things in different places, but globally Rotary represents the battle to eradicate polio across the planet. For over 36 years, working with such organizations as WHO and UNICEF, Rotary is down to polio being a problem in just three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. All of this was underscored by Kathleen Silver in her presentation in anticipation of World Polio Day on October 24.  Kathleen's presentation and the film that accompanied it highlighted what Rotary has done over the years - - 1 million members devoting time and money -- $2 billion contributed by Rotary members -- a continuing commitment to the battle.  There are a lot of things that can be done to mark World Polio Day. Get your friends involved. Spread the word about the battle. But, in the end, the most immediate effective thing one can do is make a financial contribution. Rotary is committed  to raising $50 million a year for polio eradication. That money will be matched by the Gates Foundation and other foundations to heighten the impact of individual contributions.