Posted by Richard D. Roberts on Oct 10, 2019
It is Ice-Breaker time for Dan Cady, currently Commander of American Legion Post 131 here in Green Valley. In many ways it is an easy life to describe, however complex in its unfolding. Start with the personal. Married three times. 5 children, all "gainfully employed" to use my mother's expression.  In 1969 he joined the army. This was the start of a 36 year career that took him to places across the globe as diverse as Viet Nam and Saudi Arabia. He spent most of his army career in Army Intelligence, including Language School where he mastered the Viet Namese language.  From 1982 to 2005 he served as a Warrant Officer with the primary responsibility of teaching engineers about roads and bridges. Don't ask Don's opinion about Arizona's roads and bridges.