A Rotary International project to change the focus and administration of international grants has been commenced.  A Cadre of Technical Advisors has been created to accomplish this.  Our own Valle Verde Rotary member, Philip J. Silver PRID, is the Chairman of the Cadre for the period of 2014 to 2017.  There exists a Vocational Training Team (VTT) as a vital part in the implementation of a the change.  A comparison was made of the respective benefits and costs as between the Group Study Exchange program (GSE) and the Vocational Training Team program.  Based on the results of that comparison, it was decided that the VTT program was presently of greater international value than the GSE program.
Going forward with the VTT program will require needs assessments.  There have been needs identified in Thailand where there has been established the Maeproa Village Project, and in Uganda where there has been created the Uganda Health Summit. 
Two of the main qualities required in establishing a new project are measurability and sustainability, and to be in one of six Areas of Focus which are: (1) Basic Education and Literacy; (2) Peace and Conflict Resolution; (3) Maternal and Child Health; (4) Disease Prevention and Treatment; (5) Economic and Community Development; and (6) Water and Sanitation.
A good example of a successful VTT program took place in Uganda in May 2013.  There was a team of eight medical people from D-5500 and Mumbai, India (D-3140).  There were four from India and four from US; four were women and four were men; four were Rotarians and four were non-Rotarians.  Thirty local healthcare workers were                               trained to train other of their colleagues prior to the Rotary Family Health Days.  The focus of the project was on safe male circumcision , cervicals, visual acuity exams, dental hygiene and lab tests for HIV.  There have also been free health camps in six African countries of from 1-3 days duration which served 344,000 clients.  Also contributing to  these efforts were 8751 Rotarians and Roteract volunteers in 420 sites.
Phil says volunteers are needed  for future projects.