Our presenter, Jorge Machado, arrived about one hour late because of delay at the border crossing.  He is a member of the Nogales (Sonora)  Rotary Club and came to describe a Water Purification project  involving the Nogales Schools. He has already won the support of several clubs in Arizona (Saddlebrook,  Nogales, Tubac and possibly others).  Due to the limited time he had, the presentation was short and to the point. It is their goal to install water fountains in public schools which utilize UV and filtration to convert potable city water into bacteria-free and particulate matter-free. The filtration system costs about $2000/ fountain and the annual maintenance cost is $300. The fountains in some cases are open for public use. There are 11 fountains in operation. Their medium  term goal is 100. The early focus is on those schools which serve the poorest children. Jorge used Power Point to display many characteristics of the people in Nogales (Sonora). They number 400,000 stable residents and about 100,000 who “come and go.” About 25% of the household do not receive potable water directly!  They must lug it home from public water outlets in various neighborhoods. Sewer hook-ups are routine as is electricity. Internet access and telephones in the home are relatively low. The income levels are very low for the 25-30% at the bottom. It is clear the Rotary Club in Nogales Sonora) has undertaken a major and long term project. We are expected to give careful consideration. There seemed to a fair number of questions at the conclusion.