Valle Verde Rotary meeting notes – May 7, 2020
Mike Duiven’s birthday is May 10.  Happy birthday a Mike.
District 5500 will hold a virtual District Conference June 20 to 26 allowing all to attend from home.
Project Volunteer Surge is underway looking for Rotarians to undergo trainIng to assist the medical community in the effort to eradicate the Covid-19 virus.  Mary Fisher has completed the training.
Early signup to ride in El Tour de Tucson is underway.  Early registration fee is $130.  JP noted it is actually $145 as a Rotary member.  One of the privileges of being a Rotarian apparently.
There is a District 550 luncheon scheduled for June 28.
Members who have not yet made an EREY donation to the annual fund are encouraged to do so before the end of the Rotary year.  $100 donors are designated as Sustaining Members.
Jim Rusk announced plans are being made to assemble all the Jazz in the Desert bands at one September meeting to present each band with a check to thank them for participating in a worthy cause.  Bands will receive $1,500 for each performance in which they played.
Carol Pfister announced her plans to return to Wisconsin later in May.  She wishes to find someone to travel with her to her Wisconsin home as her travel partner is unable to make the trip.  Carol will pay all travel expenses including a return trip airplane ticket for anyone who travels with her.  If interested, contact Carol.
Happy Mother’s Day.  Remember Carol is available to provide flowers for the occasion, but time is short.
Interactors, Ayah and Mariana, took part in the meeting and provided a few comments on the value of their RYLA experiences.
JP mentioned there are members who have not yet registered for My Rotary.  JP can help.
Roxanna Rico and Mark Horton are our club representatives to grant seminar classes.  They are in the process of preparing for the seminar.
Phil Silvers announced the approval by District 5500 of the Palestinian Covid-19 project.  Also the Uganda health program will be part of the virtual International Convention.
May 14 meeting will feature Gary Friedman presenting the Sonora Microcredit program, and Chuck Wunder will continue his weekly update of the virus situation in our community.
Charlotte presented a video highlighting all the year’s Interatogenic Club activities.
Chuck Wunder provided an interesting summary on Covid-19 and other Fire Department activity during the past week:
The number of new cases is leveling off.  There is not a large growth in numbers.
His department is struggling with community reaction.  There are many conflicting opinions about the virus within the community.  His men are met with criticism both for wearing masks when responding to a possible virus situation and for not wearing a mask when called to remove a snake.  There is increasing opposition to wearing masks and distancing as time goes on.
PPE is in good shape with mask donations from the community and a new shipment arriving from the county.
There are no known cases of infection among the fire fighters.  They will begin testing them for antibodies this coming week to see if any have developed an immunity.  Chuck has been tested, but his results are being delayed awaiting approval by Governor Ducey to release them.  He doesn’t know the reason for the delay and is eager to find out.
The next challenge is to see what effect opening up more businesses will have on the number of new cases.
He is also looking at when to reopen other department services such as the Fire Corps.
He warned to be aware of snakes.  The Fire Department removed 80 snakes in the past 4 days.
With the recent days of high temperatures brush fires are popping up.