The program was presented by Rotarian Pat Sheely who spoke on his interest on genealogy and told of some of the historical lineage of the Sheely family.  His research led him to Lexington, Kentucky and a small town named Cynthiana.  When he asked a lady in the Public Records office about an ancestor named David Sheely who had lived in the lexington area, he thought the lady gave him an odd look, but then she led him to some public records that told of David Sheely having been convicted of murdering his wife in 1839, although he never admitted it.  He was hung for the crime, his body dismembered and the body parts donated to the medical profession for educational purposes.  A short time later the real killer made a death bed confession and then people began telling of seeing David Sheely's ghost, and the legend of David Sheely's ghost  was born.  In 1960 a great, great granddaughter of David Sheely happened upon one of David Sheely's hands preserved in formaldehyde and kept as a souvenir in a local doctor's office.  She afterwards claimed she had at that time seen David Sheely's ghost which pointed toward an adjacent cemetery as if to say the hand should be buried there.
In 1882 the Sheely family moved to Texas near San Antonio where several of them joined the Texas Rangers and later became known as the First Family of the Texas Rangers.
Pat's advice to those who wish to pursue their ancestral records is to start with their father's birth certificate and work backwards, consulting the website "" and the ancestral records at Brigham Young University.