Posted by Richard D. Roberts
 Phil Silver and Eugene Friesen brought us up to date on the Uganda Project. The Project is part of the Rotary Health Days Project that started in 2011 and now operates in 8 African countries and in India, treating over 3 million patients.
     It is almost impossible to capture the total reach of the Uganda Project.Basically it comes down to empowering women is so many ways. " In so many ways" let's list just a few -- health care including diabedes, cancer, malaria-- training health professionals--family planning--literacy--business training--education of women and girls. If there is a mantra for the Project it might be "Empowering women to be agents of their own destiny".
     Phil and Eugene are deeply committed to the Project, primarily as guides, motivators and evaluators to be sure the Project meets Rotary criteria.
     When asked, "what was your best moment?" Eugene cited the success of the program in enhancing the creativity of women. Phil cited the work of Rotary in the worst slum in Uganda. 
     Though the Club does not financially support the Project, about a dozen members do.