It is March which means Jazz in the Desert is over for the year and the Food Fight has begun. The food fight is a friendly competition between the Valle Verde and Green Valley Rotary Clubs and between the Valle Verde Club members and their winter guests. The goal of the food fight is to raise funds to support the Green Valley/Amado and the Sahuarita Food Banks. Today’s speakers were Penny Pestle from the Sahuarita Food Bank and Debby Acuna from the Green Valley/Amado Food Bank. Their goal was to impress upon our membership the importance of the local food banks to our community. The goal of these food banks is to provide emergency food assistance to individuals and families in need. Several interesting facts, which point to the need for the services these food banks provide, were discussed. They are: 16% of the food bank’s clients are seniors; 18,099 individuals were served by the Green Valley/Amado Food Bank last year; 1,800,000 pounds of food were distributed last year; and 33% of food bank clients are children. These facts certainly point to a significant need in the region of Arizona. It was pointed out that the food banks receive goods from the local grocery stores, local growers with fruit trees, and dollars from many clubs and organizations like the Rotary Clubs of Green Valley. For every dollar donated to the food banks four meals may be provided to the needy. I came away from this talk feeling that the Green Valley/Amado and the Sahuarita Food Banks provide a valuable service to the community and I feel that my contribution to the food fight is truly appreciated